Facebook PixelRental of water cannon turrets to teach your dog not to bark at neighbors
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Rental of water cannon turrets to teach your dog not to bark at neighbors

Image credit: Arduino Having11 Guy

Darko Savic
Darko Savic May 22, 2022
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A service that installs water turrets in your yard to stop your dog from barking at neighbors. When it barks, it gets a short blast of water from an unknown direction. It hopefully learns to avoid being doused by not barking.
  • Get your dog to stop barking at neighbors.
  • Make your dog associate barking at neighbors with being doused with water - thereby learning not to do it.
  • Improve the relationships with neighbors by demonstrating the willingness to do something about your barking dog.
How it works
Disclaimer: during warm weather, people seem to be ok with their dogs being sprayed with water. It's just water. Warmer months are ideal for this kind of training.
Water turret rental
You call a water turret rental service. They come to your back yard and install one or more water cannons on high stands, balconies, trees, etc.
The turrets are positioned so that they cover the areas where the dog usually barks at neighbors and passersby.
Training time
The water cannons pan/tilt to follow the dog's movements. When it barks, the dog is hit with a short burst of water from behind/above. When there are multiple cannons, the dog never knows where the burst will come from. The bursts are so short that the dog never knows what hit him. There is no enemy to identify. It seems like the water came from the sky.
The only thing the dog should be able to associate with burst of water is her barking. The experience would hopefully be unpleasant enough to make the dog want to avoid it.
When the stops barking at neighbors, the installation can be removed. If it starts again in the future, the installation can be brought back for another round of lessons.
If for some reason the dog is unable to learn... at least you tried, and your neighbors will appreciate the effort.


Creative contributions

Fight noise with noise

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković May 26, 2022
... or just program the turret to target the neighbour when he complains.
I think there could be a cheaper and simpler solution, while also being a bit less shocking to the dogs and less aggressive-appearing to animal rights people.
Having this dog training expert's method for taming dogs attached to a noise sensor. It's basically a bunch of pennies in a plastic bottle, but the noise it makes during shaking is attention-grabbing for the dogs. There is a specific product too but it's not necessary.
You wouldn't have to have the motion sensor for aiming as for the turret, but just the noise decibel limit or a recognition of the barking. Have the sensor activate the shaking whenever the dog is barking for more than two or three times, post it next to the fence of the neighbor. I'm guessing three of these would be cheaper than one water turret.
Also, you could add a small speaker for the aparatus to play the dog's owner saying "no" in addition.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
You could attach some noise maker to the back of the dog's collar. When it starts barking the noise maker would go crazy too. I wonder if the dog would get used to it after a while and bark anyway
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