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Repurpose Vacant Office Space for Aquaculture

Image credit: https://psci.princeton.edu/tips/2020/11/9/the-future-of-farming-hydroponics

KMZ Sep 04, 2021
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My idea is to repurpose office space left empty by remote work or other factors for aquaculture (hydroponics). The big glass windows in office buildings function like greenhouses, reducing the need for grow lights, Water can be filtered and recycled to reduce waste and contaminants.

This helps decentralize the food supply in a way that uses empty space with more climate control than outdoor agriculture, using as much natural energy as possible and increasing the food supply in a localized way. As a Princeton University Study noted, hydroponic growing is the future. Underused office buildings make very good spaces for it, easy to retrofit.
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Scoop of Pisciculture

VAIBHAV KUMAR Sep 19, 2021
It is a great idea and not just using old buildings as a hydroponic system. It could also be a breeding house for fish. With maintained climatic conditions in the house, it is easier to bread fish. Pisciculture helps in the yield from the hydroponic setup. Fish eat the food and excrete waste, which is converted by beneficial bacteria to nutrients that the plants can use. In consuming these nutrients plants help to purify the water which in turn helps the fish in the tank.



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