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Shell-less filter feeders grown inside a mesh hedge that surrounds aquaculture fish farms

Image credit: Akva Group

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jun 24, 2022
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Aquatic fish farms enclosed in dual mesh hedge. Sandwiched in the hedge are shell-less filter feeders that recycle the fish farming waste and are then used as animal food themselves.
  • Aquatic fish farms result in pollution due to concentrated fish waste around the farms.
  • This idea reduces pollution caused by fish farming in seas and lakes.
  • By recycling waste organic matter, even more food is produced as a result.
  • The double mesh hedge also serves to protect the farmed fish from predators and prevent them from escaping due to tears in one layer of mesh.
How it works
Dual compartment aquatic fish farms. The inner compartment contains the fish. The outer compartment that surrounds th fish from all sides contains shell-less filter feeders. They recycle waste and food debris from the fish. In addition, the filter feeders themselves are then used as food in chicken farms, etc.
This is a quick intro to aquaculture fish farming:

Shell-less filter feeders can be machine-separated by size. The big ones are harvested while the smaller ones are released back into the hedge. Because they have no shells, they can be fed to animals as is or minced into animal feed products.
Creative contributions

Filter feeder-made sheets that surround fish farms

jnikola Jul 26, 2022
Attach filter feeders (with shells, like these) onto a thin layer of strong polymer that will allow them to grow in sheets. These sheets can then be placed around fish farms, anchored and do their work in cleaning fish leftovers.
Why this and not the original idea?
  • This way filter feeder sheets can be placed around fish farms additionally, after the fish farm is already built, without the need for heavy adjustments to the construction. Just a couple of anchors to keep it in place.
  • Filter feeder sheets could be later collected and filter feeders removed from the polymer. Polymers could be reused for new filter feeder sheets, while collected filter feeders could be used to create concrete.
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