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Reward "currency" app for assistance or good deeds

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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Jan 31, 2022
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An app that facilitates a reward system where users can collect tokens that can be used on the app or redeemed at partner institutions.
  • To promote a sense of community.
  • To allow people who might not usually be able to afford it to make use of certain services.
  • To reduce society's dependence on money.
  • To eliminate the option of spending "earnings" on trivial or negative products.
How it works
The App
The app would serve as a wallet for your tokens, allow you to list a job you need completing or help you might need in exchange for a bounty of tokens and list all the other ways you would be able to earn tokens.
Earning tokens
You would be able to earn tokens in a number of ways:
  1. By completing a job for a bounty
  2. By supporting partnered businesses
  3. By earning lifestyle rewards
  4. By purchasing tokens
Spending tokens
These tokens could then be used as follows:
  1. You can use them to enlist other people to help when you have a job that needs to be done.
  2. You would be able to make certain purchases with these tokens .
  3. You could donate to certain charities, in this case, a set amount of tokens would equate to a set amount of real currency.
As the app aims to promote a sense of community, it cannot be just another reward program. The goal is to encourage people to help each other and to promote conscious lifestyles without monetary compensation, while also allowing people to do certain things they might not be able to afford. In line with these goals, there are a couple of important points.
Partners would have to be socially and environmentally conscious too and rewards will promote such actions rather than pushing products or specials.
In other words, users would earn rewards by supporting a company that makes an effort to reduce its carbon footprint or donates a percentage of their profit to charities.
Lifestyle rewards
Users would also be able to earn tokens by making certain lifestyle choices. A set amount of tokens might be earned for every full bag of recycling that is handed in, or a partnered grocer might give tokens to customers who do not purchase plastic bags, or you could even earn tokens when attending certain community events.
The idea is to have as little money involved as possible. Converting tokens into donations to charity will mean that tokens will have some financial value. This should largely be based on sponsorships and partnership deals, but private individuals would have the ability to buy points if they please. This might be a good way for people to ensure that by giving someone a job, you are helping them instead of simply enabling them to make bad decisions as is the case when giving someone cash.
The idea is mostly to use any tokens earned to fund projects you might need help with in the future, but, there should also be something for people who are trying to reach a certain goal. So the idea is to have tertiary education institutions partner with the app by allowing people to use tokens to pay for certain diplomas, short-learning programmes or even degrees.
Alternatively, charity packages would also be for sale, where you exchange your tokens for an amount to be donated to partnered organizations.
So in short, tokens could be used to redistribute (I help you today, someone helps me tomorrow), to better yourself (learning programmes) or to benefit those in need (donations).
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