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Seeking the Perfect Name for My Blog: A Journey of Thoughts, Travel, Wellness, and More!

Angélica Galván Méndez
Angélica Galván Méndez Jul 08, 2023
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Hello everyone! I'm in search of the perfect name for my blog. This blog will be a platform for sharing my thoughts, travel photos, documenting my personal journey, and providing valuable nutrition information to enhance your well-being (as I am a nutritionist). Additionally, I'll be sharing my yoga journey and how it can positively impact your life. In the future, I may also offer services as a health coach, yoga instructor, and more. Since I am Mexican, I would prefer a name in Spanish or one that incorporates Spanish words. I have a few words in mind that I would like to use or build upon, such as "Diosa" (goddess), "vibes," "green," "wellness," "apapachar" (to care or love with your soul), "journey," "nourish," "free," "libre," "soul," "alma," "sunset," "feels like a...," and "glow."
I would greatly appreciate your ideas and recommendations to help me find the perfect fit. It could be a funny name, a short quote, or just individual words. Thank you in advance!
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