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To-do list that locks some of your money into a savings fund whenever you skip a task

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic May 12, 2022
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To-do list coupled with a bitcoin wallet. Whenever you skip a task, some of your money gets locked for 10 years. It gets you to either complete your tasks or increase your savings fund.
  • A way to instill bias for action.
  • A gamified savings strategy.
How it works
A to-do app coupled with a bitcoin wallet. For the app to work you need to have enough bitcoin available to cover a potential day's worth of failed tasks.
At the end of the day or before starting the next, you have to confirm which tasks you did or did not do. For every task that you didn't complete, some money is locked for 10 years.
The app periodically shows you quotes directed at your honesty/character. If you cheat (yourself) you probably don't need a to-do app in the first place.
Value per task
I can think of 2 ways to determine the value of a task:
1.) Answer the following questions to yourself: How much is your day worth to you? What do you wish to accomplish that day? Split the day's value between the number of tasks and you get the cost per task. You configure the app's settings with the value of your average day. It then automatically splits that amount by all the tasks you set that day.
2.) You configure the app's settings with the lowest and highest possible value per task. Then for each task you manually select an individual value from a pull-down menu with 10 options.
Bitcoin timelock contract
A timelock is a type of smart contract that restricts the spending of some Bitcoin funds until a specified future time.
The app configures a bitcoin wallet that will hold all the funds. It gives you 24 seed words (glorified password) that you have to save somewhere safe. You will need it to regain control of your funds after the 10 year period has passed.
Available funds
The app shows you how many days worth of bitcoin you have in your wallet and how much your 10-year savings fund currently holds.
To prevent the app from freezing up it sends you reminders when you only have 3 days worth of bitcoin left. You should then upload more bitcoin or never skip a task.

The above idea is similar in concept to this one, where a small amount of your Bitcoin gets locked for 10 years whenever you check social media or any addictive app.
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