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VIP hospital pass for registered organ and blood donors

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Michaela D
Michaela D May 19, 2022
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A VIP hospital service for registered organ donors and systematic blood donors. Inspired by J. Nikola's idea.
  • 17 people die every day waiting for a transplant
  • Organ and blood donation is not rewarded
  • Hospital benefits would encourage people to register as donors without paying for the organs, which may be ethically debatable.
How it works
The “VIP” hospital pass is in the form of a physical card as well as a registration list.
It gives donors:
  • Priority upon arrival at hospital emergencies by skipping long lines. This priority would not override more severe and life-threatening cases.
  • Priority for exams and surgeries at the hospital.
  • More comfortable experience depending on the hospital's availability; for example room upgrade without extra cost.
  • Priority on organ waiting list.
This is more easily implemented in public hospitals, but ideally private hospitals would join, as well.
Who is eligible:
  • Organ donors (donation when the person will be recently deceased)
  • Living donors (donation while the person is alive, usually for liver and kidney donations)
  • Frequent blood donors
These benefits would show appreciation to donors, encourage donations, thereby saving lives and are of no extra cost to the state.
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