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White fields for reduction of evaporation

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/uXg6mSTWfr4

jnikola Sep 27, 2022
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White fertilizer/pest control compound along with genetically-engineered brighter crops.
  • to increase reflection of the light and reduce heating of the soil --> reduce the speed of global warming
  • to reduce the evaporation of the water from the soil --> reduce the amount of water used for irrigation
  • to fertilize the soil
  • to keep the soil safe from the pests
  • to see if someone is walking through your crop field
How would it work?
Genetically-engineered brighter crops should be made in a way so the crop doesn'tlose any quality of pest resistance, but grows on a brighter-coloured stem and gives paler flowers.
Whiter fertilizer should be made as an urea-based powder in low concentration, equipped with pest-control compounds that do not harm the environment. It should also be rain resistant, in a way that it slightly mixes with the soil and changes its color a bit (makes it brighter). It should be applied maximum 4 times a year.
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General comments

Subash Chapagain
Subash Chapagain2 years ago
I don't think introducing GM changes just to change the color of the plants to make them reflect sunlight would be a good idea. First, we would need to validate the non-causal relationship between yield and the color change (i.e if the Genetic manipulation doesn't cause any reduction in the fruit biomass). The more important risk I can imagine is that such whitening of the plants will severely affect pollinators and insects and it can irreversibly damage the local ecology. Natural colors play a big role in determining pollinator behaviour and frequency; the proposed whitening might interfere with that.
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jnikola2 years ago
Subash Chapagain Would you then propose to just whiten the ground? Wheat and similar crops are already bright coloured, so that could maybe work better.
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