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"Last-minute" health appointment service

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jnikola Sep 09, 2022
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Service that notifies you when the last-minute health service you signed up for is available. The appointment gets filled by the one who confirms the first.
  • Whether we talk about private or public health institutions, all the doctors, dentists or medical staff experience people not showing up for an appointment
  • Missing an appointment is a waste of doctors' time and a burden on the health system
  • The waiting lists are already too long
  • People would rather pay something than wait another month to get an appointment
How would it work?
It would be a platform where medical staff/labs apply and can upload information about last-minute appointments. If medical staff detect some free time (canceled appointment) in the schedule, or somebody doesn't show up, next patient gets in ahead of time and a hole in the schedule appears, they would open the app/web-interface and write the time, day, duration and the price of the new appointment that was primarily missed. They would also choose the category of the lab/practices that can be done in their lab.
You, as a patient, would fill in the form where you would state:
  • to which service you apply for (could be backed up by the referral or prescription), which would be than matched to the category of the lab/practice that can be done there
  • how long do you want to look for the last-minute appointments; preventing the notification arriving too late
  • always-available contact (in-app notification, email, mobile-phone number)
  • credit card number
If the service you asked for gets a last-minute appointment in some dentist office, hospital or private clinic, you would get notified for example: "PAPA test, time/day, Kovačić Clinic Center, address, price". You would then confirm your arrival based on the availability and price with YES or NO. If you are the first one answering YES, you would get a notification of acceptance and the amount would be deducted from your credit card. You would then just appear in the appointed time and do the test or whatever.
The platform would take 10-20% from every order and earn through marketing.
Additional information
  • The service could be sponsored by the state since missed appointments make the health system less efficient.
  • The service could also be used to promote private clinics which provide discounts.
Creative contributions

Obligatory "check-in"

jnikola Sep 12, 2022
What if we implemented obligatory check-in for health services? Between 24 and 2 hours prior to your examination, you would have to confirm your arrival at the appointment. It could be done via an app, by a simple call, or by answering the email or SMS with "yes" or "no".
  • a missed appointment cannot (or hardly can) be filled in easily if there is no time for a person to drive/arrive at the clinic (at least an hour or two)
  • people would take appointments more seriously
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General comments

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
People, even if free, may not be able to reach the doctor within the short time before the next patient comes in. A doctor's appointment usually lasts for less than half an hour. Correct me if I am wrong. So, if a patient does not show up, you send out a "last-minute" appointment message, how many would be able to reach within the next 15-20 minutes? Instead, how about a virtual appointment? This limits a large number of patients because the doctor usually uses multiple senses to diagnose and a virtual meeting may not be sufficient.
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jnikola2 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni I understand what you are worried about. I tried to tackle that problem by texting everyone within the specified criteria. The first one that confirms that it can reach the doctor in 20-30 mins would get the spot. On the other hand, implementing this system could help develop new technologies that allow patients to confirm their arrival by "checking in" 24 hours before the appointment. If not checked in 2 hours before the appointment, the automatic cancellation of their appointment occurs, opening spots for the others. Having 2 hours, more people would be able to come. Would this help?
Virtual appointments are also a great idea and could be a stand-alone contribution if you want to develop it a bit.
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
J. Nikola Yes, checking in latest by 2 hours before the appointment will definitely work. It will also act as a reminder for people who miss the appointment by forgetting it. Two hours is sufficient time for anyone to travel to the clinic. People could also take "off-time" from work if they are notified two hours in advance.
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