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A bag that weighs its contents to keep its owner from forgetting things

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@alfachrom

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Aug 05, 2021
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This is a type of bag that records the total weight of its contents and the owner's location. Whenever the owner visits a place and is about to leave, they can confirm if all the bag's contents have been put back inside the bag just by looking at the bag's net weight. This will be more efficient than cases where the owner will have to check the bag's contents to determine if anything is missing. If the owner does not remember to check the bag's weight, the bag will alert the owner that there has been a change in the weight of the content of the bag. In cases where something is missing in the bag, it is easier to tell what is missing in the bag when you know the weight of the item or items that are missing.
The bag can come with an inbuilt sensor to weigh the bag's content or an extra layer that is fitted with a weighing instrument can be added on the inside of the bag to weigh the contents that are placed in the bag. The bag can be made more effective if it measures other qualities of the bag's contents like the item's opacity, how the item affects the capacitance across the bag, and other physical qualities.
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It's a question whether you'd have to remember less or more using such a bag

Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 27, 2021
I like the idea, I think it might make keeping track of your belongings easier. But there is a complication that even visiting places that are not your home can make you take some things out of the bag and add additional ones intentionally. For example, you buy a snack in the cafe and put it in your bag (the increase in weight shouldn't be a problem, but later you eat the snack and the weight goes down again, either you or the smart bag should be keeping track of this). Or you borrow a scarf to your friend whom you met in the city for he/she forgot to take warm clothes, or you drink some water out of the bottle that you carry in the bag while sitting on the bench, the mass of the water that you drank could be equal to the mass of your keys, etc.

The thing is that someone should be keeping track of all these small weight adjustments happening because of various reasons throughout the day, otherwise at some point it will become too complicated to tell whether you lost something or whether the weight changed as a result of your intentional actions. Since the bag won't be able to do this unless it was equipped with additional smart software, the one who would have to remember all that and make sense of it would be the bag owner.

When I leave some public place I was at, I usually check if the most important things are in the bag (phone, wallet, glasses, etc.) I don't have to think whether I drank the water or ate the snack that was in the bag or left something intentionally in the parked car not to carry it around, etc. But if I was using a reminder system that you propose, I'd have to think about these things in order to know whether I lost something or not.
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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
The bag will need to have smart software to keep track of the items so that the bag owner will not be alerted unnecessarily. That is why I proposed the use of other sensors that measure the capacitance and opacity of the contents of the bag. Capacitive sensing can be used to test for the nature of the objects. That way the software will be able to tell a water bottle from a wallet and it can account for some of the special cases you mentioned.

In the remaining cases where the bag alerts the user of a possible missing item when the item was removed intentionally, I believe it is a price to pay for using such a system, and the system's advantages will outweigh that disadvantage.
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Weighing goods and customers in order to track purchases in supermarkets

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Aug 05, 2021
The weight of the items on the shelves of a supermarket can be recorded and associated with their prizes in the store. This can be made more efficient by using trolleys that weigh their contents and are used to track the customer's purchases and location. The trolleys and the weighing instruments will be monitored from the supermarket's server via wifi. When a customer takes something from a shelf and places it in their trolley, the trolley will display all of its contents and their prices. That way the collation of prices of goods can be partly automated and a smaller number of employees will be needed to run the supermarket.
There are more effective solutions but they are more expensive and complicated than the proposed solution.
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