Facebook PixelA Bot that can help a blind phone user have messages read back to them in the contact's own voice
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A Bot that can help a blind phone user have messages read back to them in the contact's own voice

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Simeon Jooste Jul 14, 2021
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Simply put the blind user can have a text message read back to them from the contact's own voice. A bot takes a sample from a voice note that has been sent to the blind user in the past and then constructs an audio alphabetical library so that the bot can construct full sentences. This database will be used to construct an audio speech that is generated from the texts of the contact.
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Braille based displays

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Aug 27, 2021
Braille is a form of written language that can be read by blind people where they feel the writings with their fingertips. Braille based displays can be used to show the messages so that a blind person. They are implemented by using screens that have small protrusions that can be extended or withdrawn. These protrusions can be controlled to give written messages to the blind person so that they can receive text messages and read them discreetly without having to listen to the messages. This gives the blind person more privacy and allows messages to be communicated even in a noisy environment.
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General comments

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni3 years ago
Hi @Simeon, Welcome :) !

It's a good idea. I am wondering about the reason behind it. Do you intend to make the blind user feel more connected to the people sending them texts? If the reason is simply that they are blind, why not send them a voice message instead of a text?

Moreover, the blind user will have to go through the pain of logging into the phone and turning on the app before they can hear the message. Is there a way the app can bypass this process? I thought that the app could read the message automatically but the user might not be near the phone or may be in the presence of other people where they might not want to listen to the message. How do we overcome this?

If the reason is just to make the blind person feel more connected, why not make this app for all people? A bot that lets you hear your loved one's messages in their voice is always a plus, I think. With voice messages being more common, what novel thing does the app contribute? One thing I could think of is hearing an old message from a person who is no longer with you. They are either dead or have left you for good. If you missed them, you could at least hear them speak to you by playing the old messages using this app.
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