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A dating platform that weeds out sociopaths and psychopaths to keep others safe

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 21, 2022
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Dating platform where psychopaths/sociopaths are weeded out so that other people can have an enjoyable and safe experience.
  • Protect people from harmful individuals.
  • Make it more likely for people to find good partners.
How it works
In any online platform, people have to agree to terms and conditions. In this one, it's stated that all communication can be reviewed by moderators at will. It's also stated that people are matched according to personality traits.
The moderators are psychologists. They look for indications of psychopathy/sociopathy and social parasitism. They work alongside deep learning software that learns from the moderators and then points out users that should be reviewed.
Moderators have a common environment (like discord/slack) where they discuss cases to reach a consensus.
Female moderators review female users. Male moderators review male users. This is because they better understand their sex's interests/desires/needs and their decisions should therefore be fairer.
People that are determined to be harmful are "sandboxed" together with other people that are similarly harmful. People that are dangerous to society are reported to local authorities in hopes someone would take interest and review their actions in person.
Ways of going about harmful people
  1. People that are sandboxed should find the dating platform boring. Getting no engagement from others would make them abandon the platform.
  2. People that are harmful could be matched with partners that are also harmful. Let them keep each other busy for a while.
What are some other ways the platform could deal with harmful users?
Creative contributions

Random "match" with a moderator

jnikola Feb 28, 2022
Really nice idea with concrete and a real problem to solve. I think I may be found one more way to tackle psychopaths/sociopaths.
Random or on-demand "matches" and conversations of moderators with people on the platform.
  • To track people's behavior on the platform
  • To check someone if a person reports him/her
  • To keep harmful people "busy"
How would it work?
I imagine it to work in three ways:
1) Random conversations
Moderators, professional psychologists, would randomly "match" with someone and start talking to him naturally. Eventually they would use some bait questions or topics to see a person's response. If they found everything ok, they will eventually get out of the conversation. If they detect some traits of psycho/sociopathic behaviour, they continue with conversation until they are ready to "sandbox" them.
2) On-demand conversations
It would work the same as the above-mentioned conversations, but the people would be chosen based on the user's experience, feedback or a report.
3) Once the harmful people are detected, they would be "sandboxed" in a way that they stay in a loop of matching with moderators, "therapeutic" or "equally harmful" chat bots. As Darko mentioned, matching two sociopaths could work, too.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
And hope the 2 matched sociopaths don't end up producing offspring :)
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
Darko Savic The Joker and Harley Quinn :)
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