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A fleet of luxury mobile offices that drive business commuters around

Image credit: Inkas Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VIP Mobile Office

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Sep 16, 2021
To take this idea up a notch would be to create an Uber type of service where people can hire a luxury office space on wheels that comes with a driver.


  • People can get some work done while commuting in a comfortable environment designed with this in mind.
  • People might need a change of scenery for inspiration - book the mobile office for a day and work from "home" away from home. Maybe somewhere in nature.
How would this work?

Having the experience of building a perfect mobile office and having it fully booked, the natural evolution would be to expand the fleet and accommodate the customers that are waiting in line.

An in house van/car conversion shop

A conversion shop could help people that want to join the mobile office network to convert their vehicles. That way they could pass on the experience and ensure that all the fleet vehicles have top quality offices for the clients.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic7 days ago
Although big, this one is pretty nice https://youtu.be/DiZS9umet6g
Juran9 days ago
Check this out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j07MXCfOs8U
Darko Savic
Darko Savic9 days ago
This would make an amazing mobile office https://youtu.be/zu0373D6cPk

It could slowly cruise around the city or scenic roads for hours while the person inside worked comfortably. I bet the ever-changing environment would be beneficial for creative work.
Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeulariaa month ago
I find this interesting for relatively longer trips, although it's true that a lot of trains have business sections where you can be relatively isolated and work pretty well. Same thing with planes. I however don't see how this would work for relatively shorter commutes, since it's difficult to get any work done and most people use that time to relax or disconnect a bit.

The way I see this working is for people that have something like a one hour commute to the office and back. If they get work done during the commute in this way, they could count those as working hours and have to stay less hours at the office. You don't lose productivity but get back those two hours of your time.

However I think it would be crucial to have a good and uninterrupted internet signal for that, since so many office jobs rely on that. How can we make sure of that?
Darko Savic
Darko Savica month ago
Agreed about an hour or more long commutes. In my area at least most commute routes are very well covered by mobile signal. For the rest maybe Starlink satellite internet would be an option.