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A frozen sculpture made of children's tears

Image credit: Wellsboro Gazette via Tiogapublishing

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Aug 16, 2021
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A sculpture made from frozen tears of children that were hurt or orphaned in wartime. The sculpture is then placed in a triple-glazed refrigerated box and kept safe during the war. After the war, make it a national treasure and put it on display. Keep it frozen with dry ice and backup refrigeration.

Why make this?

To amplify the kids' voices and make the world think about what happened on its watch.

Make the sculpture for sale under 3 conditions:
  1. Only the side or entity that feels responsible for the war can buy it as a show of remorse. They have to explain in writing how they are responsible. Acceptance of the application should be voted on by the country's government.
  2. The price is so high that it pays for all the current orphans in the country to have a comfortable life when they grow up. A fund is created for each child that pays them a comfortable monthly allowance until they reach the age of 28. The final payment is high enough for them to start a business or buy a house.
  3. If the sculpture is bought, it should ceremonially be opened and let melt as a symbolic resolution/reparation of the damage.

Rules for the creation of the sculpture

  • Only staff in several hospitals should do the collection and storage of tears
  • Only collect the tears of children whose tears are the direct result of the war
  • Only collect the tears in situations where the caregiver has a hard time coming up words that would comfort the child
  • When collecting the tears do it either so that the child doesn't notice or ask for consent to save a few

How could tears be collected so that the child doesn't notice? Depending on their psychological state at the time, they could be shown a photo of a beautiful ice scultpure and distracted into a conversation about the make of it. They could be told about the art project and asked if their tears can be saved.


The tears could be collected with pipettse or syringes. They could be saved in vials placed in freezers or refrigerators. The project would have to be led by a prominent artist or union of artists and in collaboration with hospitals.

This idea was a thought experiment. I was thinking about how art is a part of creativity but I never think about it because it doesn't solve any problems. Then I wondered if there was a way to make meaningful art that also solved a problem. There it is. This has to be the worst idea I ever had. I hate thinking about it any more so I'm done.
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General comments

Povilas S
Povilas S3 years ago
Let's hope soon enough there won't be any opportuinities (nor need) to make such sculptures anymore:)
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Povilas S agreed.
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