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A platform for reviewing anything... anything at all!

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Aug 21, 2021
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The title of the idea is self-explanatory. The platform will let the users rate objects, businesses experiences, even solutions and mindsets that a person adopts in their personal life can be rated and other people who try the reviewed procedures or objects can leave reviews too. Even personal relationships with other persons or the performance of a government can be reviewed on the platform. Usually, most platforms that have reviews are the ones who sell or distribute the services. The are also usually restricted to a particular niche or product. Sometimes you have a real life experience and want to leave a review but this platform gives you users an opportunity to voice their opinions to the whole world.
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Things to consider and a possible solution

jnikola Aug 27, 2021
The idea is great and honestly, I would like to find a way how it could work, but for now, these are my key points:
  • reviews/feedbacks are great, but they're useful only if people who buy the product, service, or something else read it (that's why it's usually on the vendor's website)
  • the separate platform would make things a lot harder for the user trying to find a product and suitable feedback on the feedback platform. It would require a very specific and unique categorization of products, services, or experiences in order to prevent duplicates and a total mess
  • manufacturers could still give fake feedbacks and no honest opinion would be guaranteed
  • it wouldn't raise the already low percentage of the feedback given for each product (people just don't have a habit of giving it)
  • the idea of making it possible for anything is great but it already exists (Tusk, Increment.me). Why is it not so known? Tusk because the topic disappears after three days (very private and targeted feedback) and Increment.me because you also choose the people who you want feedback.
So do we need publicly available feedback site, exclusively for feedbacks/reviews? Well, I am not sure.
Still, things are some things that could make a change and thus, make this platform important:
  • superior method of feedbacking (easy to give detailed feedback)
  • credibility (the opinions are real and trustworthy)
  • high level of categorization (easy to find, no duplicates)
  • high accuracy of matching the feedback with the real product/service (links)
At the end, I realized the best way would be to collect all feedback information from the internet, categorize it and make it a big database from the beginning. That way there would be no harsh start. What do you think?
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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
Nice one! Taking already existing feedbacks on the internet and adding them to the platform is a very efficient way to start the platform.

Instead of categorizing the items on the platform, it can use a search engine that brings up the results that are most relevant to the user's search. The search engine will use keywords to sort the products roughly. People who want to see reviews of an item usually know the name and functions of the products they want to check out. Having to sort the items into well-organized categories may not be worth the effort since users who are just looking for reviews hardly browse the site by category. Having duplicate items on the site will not have a serious effect and can be ignored until they stand out to moderators.

The platforms you mentioned (tusk and increment.me) are designed to give feedback to the business owner and the people who have access to the site can be limited by the business owner. The platform I proposed will not be controlled by the user in any way and everyone will be able to access all the reviews.

The problem of fake reviews and low feedback rates are common to all feedback platforms and not restricted to the proposed idea. A brainstorming session can be set up to tackle such problems.
Please leave the feedback on this idea

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