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A platform where people provide you with a perfect theme song for whatever you are about to do

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Mar 19, 2022
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A platform where people provide you with theme song recommendations that perfectly fit your upcoming occasion.
  • Whatever you are about to do, have a perfect song to go with it.
  • Know a perfect song for some occasion? Share it with others and potentially earn micropayments every time the recommendation is appreciated.
How it works
A theme song is is a song that is strongly associated with someone or something. This idea specifically focuses on theme songs that are perfect for specific occasions.
Theme song sumbission
When you come across a song that perfectly fits your current or past occasion, you submit it to the Theme Song platform. You describe the occasion/circumstances in which you recommend the song. Via GPT3, the platform reduces your recommendation into a set of tags. It shows you the tags that fit your description. You then get to fine-tune them until they fit perfectly.
Themse song recommendation
People come to the platform to get amazing theme song recommendations for whatever they are about to do. After specifying their occasion the platform generates a playlist of suitable theme song recommendations. People can take all the time they need, but the platform expects them to eventually rate at least one song from that playlist.
Rating system
Rating recommendations is mandatory. If people try to request a new theme song recommendation while not having rated the previous playlist, the platform reminds them to first rate the previous round before proceeding to the next.
Everyone who recommended a specific song for a specific occasion gets a point when their recommendation is positively rated for the occasion. Likewise, everyone loses a point if their recommendation is negatively rated for the occasion. No points if the recommendation is not rated.
People get rankings based on how good their recommendations are. What would be a good name for people who have an amazing talent for pairing good music with suitable occasions? "Theme song hunters" maybe?
Cheating prevention
To prevent people from copying/recommending other people's successful recomendations, they are unable to recommend a song/occasion/tag pair if the song was aleady recommended to them in such circumstances. Meaning - recommend whatever you think people will like, but don't recommend what others have recommended to you. Be original.
Your history timeline
Go down a memory lane. The platform can take you through the history of your theme songs. The songs are accompanied by your original descriptions.
Play a game - the platform gives you a song and you have to tell the year/month when the song meant something to you. You can try to select from a bunch of random tags, which one reminds you of the song. And vice-versa. The platform shows you a description of your occasion, then you try to remember the theme song. If you can't remember, the platform can play it for you.
Platform's payment model
The platform uses AI (deep learning) to perfect the recommendation algorithm. When people start using the platform, the first 10 recommendations are the highest quality. From 11th recommendation onwards, the platform gives people a choice:
  • Keep recommendation quality high and pay $1 per recommendation or
  • Drop the quality by 50% and keep the service free
People that opt for a free service, get reminded that the recommendations are half as good as compared to the premium service.
A way for people to make money
The platform's AI recognizes people who have an amazing talent for suggesting good music for matching occasions. They get paid commission when their suggestion is chosen as the best by a paying customer. The commission is shared between all high ranking recommenders who suggested that chosen song/occasion.
This means, the rarer your winning songs, the higher the chance that your commission is not shared with others.
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Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic2 years ago
For example, if you were getting ready for a workout, I would recommend:

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