Facebook PixelA platform where you hire professional copywriters to write your emails in real-time while you watch/comment
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A platform where you hire professional copywriters to write your emails in real-time while you watch/comment

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 20, 2022
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A platform for outsourcing email copywriting. Professional salespeople/copywriters rewrite your email in real-time, within minutes of initiating the request. You pick the copywriter based on their ratings and sample work.
  • Some people are not persuasive and might need help reaching out to people via email.
  • Have a professional salesperson/copywriter write custom cold mails for you.
  • Non-English natives could use help as well.
How it works
A freelancer-like platform focusing solely on writing/editing text communication (emails, texts, etc). You specify what you need done and people who are online can bid for the project. When you select a copywriter for the project, they have a preset number of minutes to complete the mail. They can request time extensions or you can increase the minutes without them asking.
Each case/project gets a Google docs style collaborative writing/editing where both the hired copywriter and the person that's paying see the same document. They get to comment on specific sentences and ask each other questions until the final version of the mail is polished.
Outsource communication case by case
This is a feature that various email clients/sites could incorporate. An ability to grant a 3rd party (copywriter) permission/access to communicate with a specific email address in the payee's name, under payee's email address. Just generate a link and give it to them. Opening the link in a browser brings up an email form. The recipient and sender's address are already filled in. The copywriter comes up with a title and text, then sends it off.
Imagine generating a link that lets a profesisonal copywriter use your Gmail but only to a specific recipient and only this once.
Multiple possible permission settings:
  • The copywriter can see all replies from the email recipient. When replying, though, the email has to be approved by the payee before it's sent.
  • No approval necessary. The copywriter can freely communicate with the email recipient under the payee's email address.
  • The copywriter can't see replies unless the payee approves/forwards them to the copywriter.
Sidebar chat
All writing is done in real-time. The payee can watch and comment. There is a side chat where the payee and copywriter can communicate and answer each other's questions.
Creative contributions

Utilization for college students

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Feb 22, 2022
This would be vital for college students as well. For their applications to colleges, funds, programs, scholarships, organisations, internships. Also, especially for first job correspondence coming out of education, be it applying or negotiating.
In high school, I was a part of a then-experimental program that had us have classes in a makeshift office. We learned business correspondence and I think that greatly helped me in those first steps of getting jobs and conducting these, for most, burdensome yet everyday tasks of communicating via emails.
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General comments

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni2 years ago
Great idea! The only issue I see is that you may not have a writer available when you need one. And if you do, that means there are more writers on the platform than the incoming jobs. This will discourage good writers from being associated with the platform.
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