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A quick/easy way to remove dust from your house via a DIY central vacuum system

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 24, 2022
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Instant dust removal from your home via a "man-made storm" DIY central vacuum system.
  • The easiest/fastest way to remove dust from inside your house
  • Fun/satisfying way of cleaning
Why not use a commercial central vacuum system?
  • The suction in commercial systems is too weak for this to work as envisioned
  • The price of commercial systems is significantly higher
  • The proposed DIY solution is simpler while more efficient
How it works
Installation of the ducting
If the house is yet to be built, that's great because laying out the necessary ducting is easier in a new build as compared to retrofitting it into an existing building.
In an existing building the least amount of damage could be done by laying metal rectangular ventilation ducting around the outside of the house. Then just punching holes into every room.

In this case you would finish the outside by placing a new insulation/facade over the ducting, making it invisible and preventing heat loss in the winter.
On the inside, every room now has an air vent grille that can be closed/opened.
It would be ideal if the grille can be completely removed, leaving only a metal mesh that catches small objects that might be flying around. Opening the vent maximizes the volume/speed of airflow and makes the cleaning process faster.
High-power industrial fan
The end of the duct line would be connected to a high power industrial fan. 2-3 kW should be enough:

The cleaning process
  1. You close off all the vents in every room, except the room you are cleaning.
  2. Turn on the industrial fan. This will create an underpressure (slight vacuum), so make sure you crack open a window somewhere in the house to offset it.
  3. Use a strong battery powered leaf blower inside the room you are cleaning. Kick up the dust from all surfaces. Blow it out from under the furniture, etc.
  4. All the dust will be sucked out of the room via the exhaust vent.
  5. When done with that room, open the vent in the next room, and close it in the previous. Repeat the process until all rooms are done.
Double use
With a makeshift adapter/reducer placed over the exhaust air vent, you can use a central vaacum hose to vacuum each room the oldfashioned way.
Filtering intake/exhaust air
If you have a central air filtration system it won't help much because the suction of the cleaning system will be too strong. To filter the intake air during vacuuming you could create a hole in a wall, the same size as the rest of the vacuuming exhausts. Place a DIY box filter over the hole from either the outside or inside of the wall, wherever it will bother you less. You could place this on an attic or somewhere away from view.
The side of the cube that connects to the hole is open. The remaining 5 sidesare layered with HEPA filter cloth. You can cut the standard vacuum cleaner bags and drape them over the cube.
I wouldn't filter the exhaust air, but you might have to if you have neighbors nearby. Just build another hepa box or a bag and mount it on the exhaust fan.
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General comments

Danny Weir
Danny Weir2 years ago
  • Under what circumstances do you envision this being used?
  • Would it be for situations where building work has been carried out in that room or just for general dust that collects over time?
  • If it just for general dustt that collects then wouldn't it be possible to use a standard air filter like one of these (Best Air Purifiers) that can be used passively in a room and doesn't require you to be there to get the "tornado" started.
  • The person initiating the tornado would have to have a protective mask to be in the room, right? Also, the doors would need to be sealed and furniture placed in a certain fashion to ensure that the dust doesn't get trapped in corners or get swept under doors.
  • Would lightweight objects from the room also potentially get sucked into the tornado?
  • Would fragile items also need to be removed (vases, paintings etc.) just in case?
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
This would be used for general household dust cleaning.
Those air purifiers are too weak to pick up any dust that has settled on the floor, under the furniture, etc. Also, the volume of air they can process can't compare to the idea proposed here. Even if you used a leafblower to kick up the dust, a lot of it would settle in the corners before such an air purifier could process it. Then, you have to clean the air purifier. You are better off just using a vacuum cleaner in comparison.
It would be smart to wear a breathing mask, yes. So as not to inhale the dust particles.
You would have to be careful with the leafblower so as not to break stuff. Initially, you could put the fragile objects away, or lay them down. When you get the hang of it you would know how to do it without breaking stuff. Also, most leafblowers have adjustable power.
There is a mesh on each exhaust, making sure that small objects can't be pulled into the duct.
With this system, a typical room would be done in under a minute.
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Danny Weir
Danny Weir2 years ago
Darko Savic Great! Sounds like you've throught this all through! Could a robot vacuum cleaner also do a similar job on the floor? I also found this awesome invention that I think is a fantastic idea! Robot Drone Duster
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Dragan Otasevic
Dragan Otasevic2 years ago
A controlled indoor tornado:) This is also a good way to quickly remove any fumes and odours from the house
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