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Slanted Floors that use Vibrations to Achieve Self-cleaning

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@suicide_chewbacca

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Jul 26, 2021
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This idea is to produce self-cleaning floors that require a low level of automation. We try to achieve this by using floors that are slanted. The slanted floor is vibrated so that the dirt on it is swept to the lowest point and is collected easily by a cleaner or automatically conveyed through a network of passages to the building’s dumpster.
The floor will have to be slanted at a small angle so that it is possible to work on it comfortably while being slanted enough to be efficiently cleaned by vibrating it. The floor should be slanted to have a single lowest spot. Square-shaped or rectangular should be slanted diagonally so that all the dirt will end up being at one edge. The furniture and tools used on such floors will also be designed and organized so that they do not reduce the efficiency of the vibrations that clean the floor. To achieve this, the furniture will be supported with stoppers that keep the furniture from moving gradually when the floor is vibrated. The tables and chairs will have legs that are circular or (at least) curved so that the dirt finds its way around them. Flat surfaces like Tables can be compartmentalized with stoppers on the surface to keep equipment and stationery from falling off. Small holes or slits that allow the dirt on the tables to be cleaned at the same time as the floor should be part of their design.
The slanted floor can also be designed so that its angle can be increased for more efficient cleaning after working hours and reduced for more comfort during working hours. An alternative to slanted floors is the use of floors that have small passages throughout its surface. These passages will lead to a lower layer of the floor where the dirt can be collected.
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Some questions

jnikola Jul 26, 2021
It's an interesting idea. We all dream of a self-cleaning apartment and I would definitely use it.

What would be the source of vibrations?
Does it require a floating vibrating floor or it can be done by having a large bass-like source of vibrations on a conventional solid floor?
Can it be applied on already existing floors somehow or do we need a complete redesign?

How strong should the vibrations be to remove the bigger pieces of dust or dried maple syrup?
Would the vibrations affect human health?

Do you maybe have an example of vibration cleaning systems?
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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
A floating, vibrating floor is what I had in mind so that its tilt can be adjusted for more comfort or cleaning efficiency. A bass source that generates the vibrations can be used along with the floating floor.
A redesign will not be necessary in most cases since the floor is floating. It can simply be set up above already existing floors.

Things that cannot be cleaned by the vibrations will have to be cleaned manually.

As for the effects of the vibrations on human health; Such vibrations can lead to muscle contractions that cause muscle fatigue. One should avoid staying on the floor for long periods when it is vibrating.

An example of a vibration system that is used for cleaning can be found here https://www.physicscentral.com/explore/action/ultrasonic-cleaning.cfm
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
I was going to propose additionally coating the floor with nanoparticles similar to the latest generations of phone touch screens. That might create more problems from people slipping and breaking their hips.
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Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni3 years ago
Great idea, Samuel Bello! A downside is that anything that falls on the floors will start rolling due to the slant. Stoppers can be fitted to avoid fixed furniture from moving but what about a ball or a toy that falls on the floor. Also, liquid spills would be a nightmare. The floors would clean dust but not the stains or some crap that is heavier. On the other hand, automatic cleaning bots are on the rise and have advanced tremendously.
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Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello3 years ago
Shubhankar Kulkarni, I had that in mind when I suggested that the floors slant could be made adjustable so that they are flat when the room is occupied and slanted only when it is time to clean the floor. The adjustment of the floor can be implemented by using a system of screws that can be screwed to raise one side of the floor. A pulley or lever system can also be set up to control the tilt of the floor. Stains and other types of dirt will have to be cleaned manually. I believe cleaning bots are generally better. In some cases, it might be more efficient to clean with a vibrating floor than any of the easily accessible cleaning bots. An example of such a place is a Sawmill.
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Manel Lladó Santaeularia
Manel Lladó Santaeularia3 years ago
Samuel Bello The example you gave with the Sawmill is kind of interesting. I think this idea would be great in some niche places like a Sawmill or other places where a lot of small particles are generated. Additionally, with the amount of noise already present in such places, a low frequency bass resonance that can be activated when necessary should not be a hindrance. On more general terms I think cleaning robots are a better option but in cases like the one you propose I think this would be great. Another issue, however, would be to set up a good collection and disposal system for all those particles once they have been moved to the desired spot on the floor.
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