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Use a tarp and some rope to origami a poncho out of it

Image credit: Canvasandcanopy

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 28, 2022
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Fold a large camping tarp into a wearable poncho and reinforce it with some rope.
  • The tarp doubles as a poncho while hiking and gets used as a comfortable shelter while camping.
  • This allows you to travel light. Every gram matters during long hikes. Use the same gear for multiple purposes.
  • Protect your gear from the rain while hiking.
How it works
Some people prefer to camp under a tarp rather than a tent because a tarp is more versatile and bigger. Depending on your mood and weather conditions, a tarp can be folded into several different shelter configurations. Camping tarps vary in size.
A wearable poncho that can be used as a tent is not new. This is a popular solution in any army.
A large tarp is more useful than a poncho but is generally just hauled around in a backpack. With some clever folding and rope, a tarp could be folded into something that can be worn like a poncho. The rope would prevent it from unfolding during the hike.
All that remains is to figure out an easy to use DIY design. How to fold it, where to tie the rope. I'm not good with origami, but this doesn't seem like a very challenging problem for anyone that knows their way around making clothes.
Can you come up with an easy-to-follow design?
Creative contributions

Easy-to-follow design - insert rods in your poncho to make it into a tent

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Jan 29, 2022
I love the idea of convertible wearables!
To convert a poncho into a tent, the poncho can have hooks made from the poncho material already sewen into the design, like these. When you insert metal (mostly aluminum or tin since they are lighter to carry, I would avoid the use of plastic) rods through these hooks, the poncho tightens and assumes the shape of a tent. If the tent requires 3 rods to set it up, the hooks will be of three colors. The 3 metal rods will be of 3 colors. As an example, the yellow-colored rod will go through the yellow hooks when setting up. The same goes for the other 2 rods. This is for the person to set up the tent in no time.
I think the tent will require more material to cover the entire human in the sleeping position than it does to cover a human in a standing position (like in the poncho design). So, the poncho could be double-layered. The layers are attached to each other via a zip. You remove the zip to duplicate the poncho and then use it to make a tent. I also think that separating the front and back of the poncho at the sides, spreading it into a sheet, and then using it to make a tent could also work.
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