Facebook PixelExtreme winter clothes with integrated inflatable insulation that covers the entire backside and serves as a sleeping pad
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Extreme winter clothes with integrated inflatable insulation that covers the entire backside and serves as a sleeping pad

Image credit: Selkbagusa

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 08, 2022
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Extreme winter clothes with integrated inflatable insulation that covers the entire backside. It serves as a sleeping pad - insulating/cushioning you from cold hard surfaces.
  • Fall asleep anywhere without the need to set up camp. In case you get interrupted, you are ready to leave without packing.
  • Urban stealth camping
  • Help homeless sleep more comfortably
  • Military use (catch some sleep anywhere)
  • Have your bed on you, without it occupying your backpack
How it works
Some background on outdoor winter camping
Goose down is used as a filler in winter sleeping bags and clothes for extremely cold environments. Quality goose down jacket, pants, shoes, and gloves will keep you warm at any winter temperature. In addition, layered clothing and sweat prevention is key to comfortable winter camping.
Insulation depends on the puffiness of your cover/clothing. It doesn't really matter how many layers and goose down you wear; they don't do much to insulate you against the ground. When you lay down, all the layers compress under your weight and put you in close contact with the cold ground. This makes you rapidly lose heat. This is why all the winter sleeping systems include sleeping pads.
The idea
The idea is to integrate an inflatable insulation layer into the back of your goosedown insulated pants, jacket and hood. The inflated hood serves as a pillow.
There is a miniature inflation/deflation pump in your pocket. At the click of a button it inflates the insulation layer. Voila, you are ready to sleep.
When you're ready to leave, you flip another switch and the same pump pulls the air out of your insulation layer, returning your clothes back to normal.
The jacket and pants are stretchy so that you don't feel constricted when the insulation layer is inflated.
Clothing line and designs
A clothing line could be established that sells urban stealth camping clothes. There would be various models to choose from. Anything ranging from onesies that are basically wearable sleeping bags, to stealthy looking clothes that hide their true purpose.
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General comments

Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
The idea is not bad, just that it might be uncomfortable to wear clothes with integrated deflated pads. I had a self-inflating pad. It takes less space when folded than ordinary pads, but wearing it as part of clothing might significantly restrict your movements, I imagine.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Povilas S it shouldn't restrict your movement more than skiing/snowboarding clothes would. It adds some insulation even when deflated
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