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A robot or drone that can guide travelers forward

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 05, 2021
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Although the current navigation system is very convenient, there are still many people who have no sense of direction and cannot understand the navigation of the map. For those out-of-town travelers who are unwilling to communicate with other people, when they are lost, if they cannot understand the mobile phone map and cannot communicate with others, it will make them difficult to move.

Therefore, robots or drones that guide the way can be set up on the streets. The use of this way guide robot can be free. Appropriate fees can also be charged, depending on the owner of the guidance robot, and the fees charged can be used for robot maintenance. Out-of-town travelers can place orders through their mobile phones and enter their destinations on the mobile phones. After the guidance robot receives the commands, it will automatically recommend the optimal route. The travelers only need to follow the robot to reach the destination. When the traveler arrives at the destination, the robot or drone can automatically return. Using this kind of robot is also conducive to protecting the safety of travelers. It should be noted that the forward speed of this kind of road-guided robot or drone can be adapted to the user, and its power can ensure that it returns to the place of departure.
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Leaving place for human communication

Povilas S
Povilas S Aug 27, 2021

I like the idea. While speaking with locals to find the way (even if you don't know the language) is a beneficial experience breaking the social isolation and forcing you to learn new languages, it often happens that the people around either don't know about the destination you are aiming at or don't understand what exactly you need (despite the efforts to communicate) or if they do and try to help then sometimes you don't quite understand/remember all the instructions or lastly even if you do and try to follow them you might end up in a different place still (that's just normal while traveling).

So for those reasons such robots/drones would be useful, cause all the issues that happen with human advisors would be eliminated and the limitations of navigation apps would also be covered. But nevertheless, I think that there should be some balance kept regarding live human communication vs using technology. The availability of such robots should be made in a way that it would be intentionally forcing people to communicate with locals first because it makes the traveling experience richer and it's also good not only for travelers but for the locals as well. If everything is planned and convenient humans become more like robots themselves, getting out of your comfort zone is very helpful. Such robots could be made rare and not so easy to access, only if you really needed help quick or you had no better alternatives or already tried other means you'd be turning to them as the best option.
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