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Material handling robots powered via electric cords from overhead cranes

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Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudelo Dec 26, 2022
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A material handling robot, capable of welding, grabbing material, disposing parts, and maneuvering material to other machines, and similar tasks done nowadays with overhead cranes in industrial warehouses, but that takes considerable time and require the use of special tooling attached to the overhead cranes.
Material handling in industrial warehouses while manufacturing, organizing stock, or doing gross material disposition into machines are tasks that require daily attention, so one possible improvement can be done in this field, if it could be done an articulated robot capable of doing material handling up to a given payload (considering overhead cranes are capable of caring huge loads), this would ease maneuvering of material while assembly because of articulation similar to arms and hands. Even if it can weld too, higher structures can be manufactured faster.
How it works
An electrohydraulic powered articulated robot composed of legs and arms, with welding and safety cutting tools on the arms. Whatever the power is needed it will be supplied through the overhead crane bridge girder and trolly mechanism.
The robot should be able to be driven by an operator from the inside or outside using a radio remote control. But the idea of this machine is to ease an expert operator in his duties and allow it to be more capable by extending their tools and keeping them as safe as possible.
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