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A system that helps people discover their purpose

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Sep 02, 2021
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A system that guides people to discover their purpose. Basically, one of the most important piece of knowledge a person can figure out.


Life feels more meaningful when you know where you are going and what you are about.

How it works

The system would be designed to incorporate 3 core elements:
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs as a general orientation for what people want
  • Zuzunaga Venn diagram of purpose (westernized Ikigai) to figure out people's individual preferences
  • top 5 regrets of the dying
  • probing techniques of psychotherapy to lead people into figuring out all of the above for themselves
Maslow's hierarchy of needs would be used to find a person's current position in life and orientation to where they are going. The Venn diagram of purpose would be used to figure out a personalized, fulfilling way for the individual to progress. The probing techniques of psychotherapy would be used to help each person figure everything out by themselves. The top 5 regrets of the dying would be navigated around, to ensure people don't make the same mistakes.

Whoever builds this system should figure out a way to poll thusands of wise old people who have the experience to back up what they learned. In a similar way a nurse composed the 5 regrets of the dying the designer of this system should compose statistical advice from thousands of seniors world-wide.

Many experts such as Simon Sinek, Tim Ferris, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jordan Peterson, etc. should be consulted when building this system. It should constantly be iterated until it became the best tool for an indivudial to answer the question "what is my purpose in life?".

The system should be optimized to speed the rate at which each person figures out whatever they need to realize. it should aim for nothing less than giving people the most valuable experience/knowledge of their lives.

All steps/answers are dynamic. If anything changes in the future, if a person comes to different conclusions about a specific step, the entire system is recalibrated to reassess their optimal path forward.

The App

The core would be an app that takes people on a journey of self discovery. Depending on how much they know themselves, people would progress by stages over several days or weeks. Like in videogames they would have to reach a point - a realization that makes things clear, to unlock the next stage of discovery.

The first few levels would be free of charge. The advanced part would cost a few cups of coffee worth.

Physical locations and franchises

Anyone would be able to build a franchise physical location. Physical locations get 50% of the revenue the app brings.

For a physical location I imagine a forest that has multiple "zen sitting areas" with artistic stone-carved or branch-made benches. Each area is dedicated to pondering a single milestone/question. There is a QR code next to each area. You scan it with the app to get your assignments and questions to ponder related to the stage you reached. If you try to skip ahead and scan the code of a higher-level area that you haven't reached yet, you are notified to go back to your level.

Age and energy levels

The system should take into account's a person age, enegery level, health, and any other factors that greatly effect our ability to go after things. That way, the person has the best chances of figuring out a tailored, most optimal way forward.

The system could offer science-based techniques to improve one's energy levels, time management skills, and whatever else is useful in optimizing one's future.


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General comments

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni3 years ago
The app would be immensely helpful! It would also take a lot of work though. There are multiple inputs, that is, the four core elements mentioned in the session text. Each of these holds multiple parameters - for example, the hierarchical needs have 8 levels (8 parameters that need to be taken into account) and a large number of outputs (all the different problems in the world that need to be solved). An AI could help with that but it will work better with human intervention at the level of training the individuals. Once the app tells you what you are good at and what you could help with, there need to be individuals who train you. So the company should not be just an app developer but also an experience-builder where they help individuals actually meet their goals. The company could work in different countries with the help of the government. It could act as an NGO.
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