Facebook PixelA system that incentivizes ad watching through a secret lottery
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A system that incentivizes ad watching through a secret lottery

Image credit: Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Contrived _voice
Contrived _voice Mar 12, 2022
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A system that rewards people for watching ads by providing incentives via cash prizes or product give-aways
Everyone hates watching ads when they want to be watching something else. Companies on the other hand need to make ads for people to remember that a product exists
How it works
I used the fashion industry as a template. Every season there are a lot of clothes left in stores that have to be sold at a throw-away price to make room for the next season's stock. Second, it is worth remembering the lengths that people were willing to go to, to collect virtual animals when Pokemon GO was still popular . Building on this Idea and the points above, we have the fundamentals for this idea. There could be a "lottery garment " mixed among a lot of regular clothes. When you scan one random code in 100, you get the exact garment you scanned completely free, the rest of the 99 times you just get targeted ads making you want to buy more clothes from the brand.
Since you were looking for said ads, there's a positive perception of them which you associate with the brand. Even if you don't get the free coat, the ads drive customers to buy more clothes. Net positive gain. It's like paying yourself for advertising
Any ideas on how this can be used in other fields?



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