Facebook PixelA voice recorder that transcribes notes and sends them to you as text
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A voice recorder that transcribes notes and sends them to you as text

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Sep 01, 2021
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A single-click voice memo device that transcribes your speech to text and sends it to your note-taking software.


  • Take notes without interrupting your thought process with a cumbersome multi-step note-taking process.
  • Take notes in the middle of the night in a way that minimally disturbs your sleep. No squinting at a bright phone screen.
How it works

Dictaphones and audio recording devices have been around for ages. There are several good audio-to-text transcribing apps out there. Interestingly, none of them have thought of just porting one of the phone's side buttons to start recording an audio note. That would accomplish all the goals of this idea.

There are two ways this could be done:
  1. A phone app that has the volume button configured so that holding it down when the screen it off starts the voice memo function.
  2. A single-button hardware device as featured in the header image. While holding the button, the device records your voice. When you release it, the file is sent into the cloud (via a 3rd party API) where it gets transcribed to text and delivered to your note-storing app of choice. The device connects to your wifi or Bluetooth when it needs to send out files.

Creative contributions

Voice recorder on your keys

Michaela D
Michaela D Oct 08, 2021
A small and light enough device that you can easily attach and remove from your keys. During the day you capture thoughts when walking around and during the night you have it on your bedside.
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
While having memo-worthy thoughts, your thought process should not be distracted by a multi-click note taking process. It should be simplified to the maximum.
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