Facebook PixelA Youtuber that gets groups of experts to compete in who can most impactfully improve random people's lives using their expertise
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A Youtuber that gets groups of experts to compete in who can most impactfully improve random people's lives using their expertise

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Apr 04, 2022
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A Youtuber that gets different groups of experts to compete in who can most impactfully improve random people's lives.
Dentistry example: A Youtuber and a few dentists get together to create a series where they pick random people off the street and make their teeth perfect for free. A win-win situation where the show gets views, the dentists get publicity, and a few people get perfect teeth.
After the dentist series, they could replicate the same concept for other fields/expertise. Go around to enlist various experts and see how they can improve people's lives.
  • It gives the experts a sense of fulfillment to do good for others by doing what they are good at.
  • Improve some people's lives.
  • Show the viewers what a difference a specific expertise can make on peoples (potentially their) lives.
  • Almost free publicity for each of the experts involved. This brings more future customers.
  • 5 minutes of fame for the participants. In the upcoming weeks, everyone who they bump into and has seen the show will ask/comment on their results.
How it works
A videographer and a group of dentists get together. They go out on the streets and have a local standup comedian put on a show that makes random passersby laugh. This gives them the opportunity to look at people's teeth.
They are looking for people who have such bad teeth that a drastic difference would be apparent between the before and after shots.
They approach (on video) and try to enlist such people for the free teeth makeover. They enlist as many participants as there are dentists.
The dentist/participant pairs are randomized by having the participants pull the dentist's name out of a hat. On the piece of paper is the dentist's name alongside the name of their practice (brand/advertisment).
In the following weeks everyone does their magic. The dentists fix their patient's teeth by straightening, replacing, polishing, and whitening them. A video crew follows along and documents the process.
Before and after
The before and after video should be made under identical lighting conditions and each person should wear the exact same clothes, hairstyle, etc.
The viewers vote on which transformation was the best. The winner gets nothing. Everyone already won:)
An alternative competition could be to try and create the most natural/realistic looking artificial teeth where polled passerbys can't identify them as being artificial.
Follow up with participants a few weeks after they've had their teeth fixed. Ask them to tell the viewers how having perfect teeth has affected their lives.
The video series
A 4-part video series is produced and published on Youtube:
  1. Part one: dentists get together and look for participants.
  2. Part two: the makeover.
  3. Part three: the results.
  4. A mini-documentary combining all of the above.
How to publicize the project
This could be done by a Youtuber who is already popular within a country/city. The dentists, the participants, and the viewers would be local.
While the above idea uses dentistry as an example, the same concept goes for other fields of expertise.
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General comments

jnikola2 years ago
Great idea! I remember when I was a kid, there was a show called What Not to Wear where people with no style in clothing, bad hair, teeth, and general looks were applied by their family or friends as "fashion disasters". They would go through a complete makeover guided by fashion, beauty, and health experts. People would gain knowledge of how to form their fashion style and maintain their looks via haircuts and makeup that highlights their qualities. Besides that, they would get their teeth repaired if needed (that's why I remembered this!), psychological help if they have trust, self-respect, or other similar issues. To rate them, there was a jury that commented on their appearance before and after the transformation.
I also found youtube videos of people doing the same. The cool idea of yours is to include people with no publicity to help them grow and possibly help them and others in the community to find solutions for their goals - going local, not global.
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
J. Nikola We also had a similar show. The show was called "TV help" and it dealt with various issues that people might face that the emergency services wouldn't help with.
The show wasn't oriented directly towards improving people's looks, health, etc., but it had some series where they would take a person who's unsuccessful in dating and buy them nice clothes, get them to a beauty studio to do a nice haircut, buy contact lenses instead of glasses, etc., and prepare them well for the dating market, maybe even publicize that they are looking for a date and any singles who want to meet that person could call a specified number, etc.
We also had another show that was called "trouble market" where people would come and publicly describe their problems, difficulties in life that they are facing, and what they need funds or other types of help for to solve or alleviate their problems. The show organizers or/and the public that watches the show would then raise the funds/provide support for them:)
So it seems that similar shows are quite common around the world:)
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Goran Radanovic
Goran Radanovic2 years ago
Nice. It would be cool if the program involved various expertise, not only limited to dentistry. They could have people dealing with mental health problems. Regardless of the show's theme, having a follow-up would be cool. It's cool to help someone, but it's even better to see that they're still doing well well after the transformation.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
This idea was inspired by the challenge: What non-obvious fun activity can a group of friends do that also benefits those who are not involved?
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