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A Youtube channel featuring pristine father-daughter talks

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jul 17, 2021
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The idea is to create a Youtube channel consisting of genuine, unscripted parent-child talks. It could be father/daughter, mother/son, or any combination.

The parent would be the charismatic host and the child would be the funny sidekick. The talks shouldn't be scripted. Everything should be freestyle and genuine.

Sometimes the conversations flow and nuggets of gold come out - those are the ones that get posted on Youtube. Other times it doesn't flow well and that's ok. Not every talk has to be posted:)

The premise could be that the parent has multiple kids of which some are too young to understand but the oldest is ready for transfer of wisdom. The videos would be made as a part of an archive so that the younger kids wouldn't miss out on something.
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General comments

Povilas S
Povilas S6 months ago
Your idea reminded me of this youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OUGNgTZATw.
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