Facebook PixelA show where the host learns survival skills from people living in extreme poverty
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A show where the host learns survival skills from people living in extreme poverty

Image credit: Pretty Dyana, Boris Mitić

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Dec 12, 2021
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A show in which the host learns survival skills from people living in extreme poverty. The viewers get to spend a few days with the guest/family to learn about their struggles and coping mechanisms, how they make a living, their hopes, and dreams, etc.
  • Learn from real survival experts that practice the trade without a safety net.
  • The viewers can collectively help some people in difficult situations.
  • The viewers get to see what life feels like on the less fortunate side of society.
  • Show that people can always find hope and happiness no matter what conditions they are in. It just takes some creativity.
How it works
This video is about people that make a living building scrap collecting machines out of scrap cars. Living and working with them for a few days would be perfect for one episode of the proposed show.

Every show would feature people in completely different environment, country, life circumstances.
Improve the guest's quality of life
After each episode, viewers are asked to brainstorm on how the guest could improve their quality of life. All the circumstances have to be taken into account. A list of feasible ideas is composed and sent to the guest.
At the end of each episode, there is a bitcoin wallet / QR code where people can send donations for that guest. If the total amount goes over a certain threshold, the show's host creates a follow-up video showing the donation money being handed over to the guest. If the guest has a phone, understands how bitcoin works, and can use it, then the displayed wallet is owned by the guest directly.
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General comments

Darryl Koh Yuan Jie
Darryl Koh Yuan Jie2 years ago
I think this is a great idea, as I read about it I was reminded of many survival themed youtube channel like Primitive Technology or Primitive Survival where locals in rural areas create videos regarding the building of houses, tools and even swimming pools from mud and other basic commonly found ingredients.
My main concern would be how we could convince the viewers to help these people. As it is a show, unless there is a prerequiste requirement for viewers to donate or even like aforementioned by you, brainstorm ideas, many viewers would probably watch it without any intention of helping. The involvement of the viewers would be paramount in making this show succeed in improving the lives of the poor and I think that is something that has to be worked upon.
Some suggestions I have would be to make the show a subscription based one, where a percentage of the subscription goes to the guest. A compulsory after the show would be a great way for audiences to brainstorm ideas. Also as mentioned by another user, if bitcoin is used as the main form of donation, I am unsure if those living in poverty would know how to use it. In addition, bitcoin is a relatively new and rather unstable form of currency, I would not recommend it at the moment.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Darryl Koh Yuan Jie technology leapfrogging is a concept where an area implements something despite the fact that it has not implemented a previous version of the technology. For example, no telephone landlines have existed but now everyone has a smartphone.
Where there is a need, there is a way. As long as some people in a village have phones they can offer bitcoin "banking" services to everyone.
Bitcoin has always been volatile. At no point in history would a cautious person advise anyone to buy bitcoin. Despite that, its value has been increasing faster than any company stock for the past 13 years.
For a show to be available to paying viewers only, it would have to be so popular that people would actively seek it out on services such as Netflix. Until then, the show that wants viewers airs for free. There are plenty of good people anywhere. There will always be people willing to help out with donations if the show is able to depict the difficulties and struggles of those featured.
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Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi2 years ago
Another good example of guests are child mica miners in India.
Also, in addition to helping guests raise donations, such a show can expose and bring more awareness to the downsides of some of the things we use without considering what havoc they might be wreaking on the environment and the lives of other people.
As a result, they - people - might feel motivated to push for change and demand better from governments, corporations, and themselves.
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jnikola2 years ago
I must admit that I find this concept very edgy. How would you make sure the show doesn't get labeled as another fraud of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. Someone earns money by showing someone's unenviable and poor situation doesn't seem like help. I think you need a 90%-of-earnings donation or real problem-solving factors in there, not just a try.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
So, how to make such a show cancel-culture proof?:) With transparency. Bitcoin donations are transparent. A follow-up video where the same people show what they did with the money that the show generated for them.
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