Facebook PixelA YouTuber who builds artistic furniture in his van using wood collected from hiking trips
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A YouTuber who builds artistic furniture in his van using wood collected from hiking trips

Image credit: Nissan woodworking van

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Dec 04, 2021
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YouTube channel where the host creates furniture out of driftwood and unusual branches s/he finds while hiking.
The youtuber lives out of his/her van that doubles as a carpentry workshop.
People like:
  • watching someone do what they are passionate about
  • learning how things are made
  • watching art being created
  • seeing how people make a living
How it works
The youtuber works out of his van that doubles as his home on wheels. S/he loves hiking and creating artistic furniture out of scavenged wood. The show ties together all his/her passions.
Most episodes revolve around creating a unique piece of furniture. Some are auctioned off at the end of the episode, other pieces are left in public places for people to enjoy.
The person takes us hiking in areas where they are likely to find inspiration and suitable pieces of wood.
If there is not enough room to live and work in the van, the host could pull a workshop trailer or erect a tent while working.
Here are a few examples of what such artistic furniture might look like:

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