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Browser extension to easily save your lists on online platforms

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Mar 16, 2022
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A browser extension that automatically records or screenshots of all your important online lists on sites you choose.
  • Save important art and information in case you lose your account or some of the videos/tweets get pulled.
How it works:
I thought of a screenshot because it would save the visual aspect of the list. Even better, the extension could provide for a page where the list would be mimicked in terms of clickable URL functionality with text and images. Meaning that when you click on the YouTube song in the mimicked file, it would lead you to that song. It doesn't download the song. Although, that could be done as well.
Worst case scenario, a click on the item in the list automatically googles the text of the list in order to find it manually.
While I was coming up with this idea, by chance I stumbled across ThreadReaderApp that allows for easier reading of Twitter threads, almost as an article. It also gives the option to download the .pdf version of the thread. That's a model that could work for this idea as well.
Although I don't like the ThreadReaderApp's need to tweet the command I don't like the public aspect of people knowing which Twitter threads I want to have.
Ideally, the extension should have an update setting, having it check for new list inclusions every week or so and add it to the private library. A specified folder(s) for keeping the data.
My friend lost a 500+ list of songs he liked on YouTube over several years because his Google account got banned. That’s an immediate drop in life quality.
With the way social media platforms are now heavily censorsing and banning people, the need to safeguard the lists you've been making for years is understated.
We spend so much time online, as odd at it might sound, but some of these interactions are cherished memories you'd want to go back to.
Here's the lists I thought I would want to keep:
  • YouTube likes.
  • YouTube favourites.
  • Youtube watch later.
  • Other created YouTube playlists.
  • IMDB ratings list.
  • IMDB watchlist.
  • Twitter threads.
  • Twitter likes.
What other lists would you want to keep?
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General comments

Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
I once spent a while composing a playlist on youtube. A few years later ~40% of the videos in the playlist were deleted or made private. The song names were gone as well. Your idea could have saved the day.
The problem I see is, how would someone who makes tons of lists find a specific list years down the road? Even timestamps wouldn't help much.
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Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković2 years ago
Darko Savic They all go into a designated folder. Or two I thought, one on a cloud, one local. You revert back to look at the folder when you see that the video you were looking for in the playlist is deleted.
If we are going with the screenshot option, the extension could label the files per date and you can sort by it. Every screenshot shows around seven videos, based on how the current YouTube playlists looks you can find the missing videos by looking for the ones adjacent to them.
But this got me thinking that it's a dual system of screenshots and text files like .pdfs would be the best as you could use either. If you know a part of the name, you can just CTRL+F it.
A much more advanced version of the extension could probably take machine-learning conclusions from the links and make tags so that you can find the list items by searching for an area term like "TED talks", "sports", "techno".
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Povilas S
Povilas S2 years ago
Good idea. I think the screenshot would in the end be the most valuable thing to have. Because in the case where videos get removed, links got broken, etc. you'd have visual information saved in a web file format you could read with any image reader and dredge the information necessary for recreating the lost content from it yourself.
I can very much relate to the problem. I also have a Spotify playlist which is over a thousand songs and which I've been filling up with music for years, so it would be sad if it got lost. It would also be sad to lose my youtube playlists that are also pretty long.
Spotify has this function that if the song is no longer available on the platform or if you had some songs added from your device and the software can no longer locate them, the title of the song still remains visible in the playlist, just gets dimmed, but you can still see the information. So that's basically the screenshot function. However, if the entire playlist got lost for some reason or something happened to my account, then this won't help.
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