Facebook PixelA Youtube show where the star moves to a new place and starts a new life every time s/he gets too comfortable
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A Youtube show where the star moves to a new place and starts a new life every time s/he gets too comfortable

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 05, 2021
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YouTube show in which the star occasionally leaves everything behind and moves to a new location to start over. They make new friends, find a job, get comfortable... and then they leave everything behind and move again.
  • When faced with too many problems, some people fantasize about leaving everything behind and moving away. Here they can watch someone else do it repeatedly and see how it goes.
  • The Youtuber gets to practice making new friends and establishing a new life.
  • The viewers get to learn from
How it works
The host should be likable and charismatic. Even listening to them think out loud should be interesting.
They would pack everything they need and take off to a new place, far away from the old one. There they would check into a hotel and explore the area to see if they like it enough to live there for a month. If yes, they would look for a place to rent, if no, they would stay overnight and move on the next day.
They would:
  • make a few friends and hang out with them
  • get a job
  • find great local food
  • favorite places to hang out, hike, do training, etc.
Afer a month it's time to move on alone and start fresh somewhere else. The Youtuber says goodbye to all their friends, visits the favorite spots one last time, packs their stuff, and off they go.
Creative contributions

A similar show where participants can't stay in the same place longer than a specific fixed amount of time

Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 05, 2021
I had a similar idea, but it was more about changing places very swiftly, the rules of the show wouldn't allow staying in the same place for longer than a day/three days/a week, depending on how big of a location we're talking about. This wouldn't be about making a life for yourself in a certain place and then ditching it, it would simply be about traveling fast.
The rules of such a show could be set in a few different ways. One way is not to allow sleeping in the same place for longer than one night. By sleeping/staying a second day in the same place you already get the feeling of familiarity and usually a certain degree of boredom with it too. To keep things fresh, you have to move constantly. The limitation of this is that you can simply stay in the same city/area and just rent different accommodations every day which might become boring for the viewers fast.
Another and maybe better set of rules would be to not allow the participants to stay in the same country for longer than..... this part is quite difficult to decide upon, a day is too short, cause you might not even manage to get out of certain countries that fast, not to talk about getting a decent amount of sleep. Three days might be a good amount of time, you come and settle on the first day, do some sightseeing on the second, and get out on the third and the cycle starts again. If this is still too short then a week should do. The final aim could be to visit all the countries in the world and it would be done in a record-short amount of time.
The rules can also be more complicated than that, different aspects could be combined - you couldn't sleep in the same place for longer than a day, couldn't stay in the same city/area for longer than x amount of time, and couldn't stay in the same country for longer than y amount of time. This would be a bit of a mad race, but an interesting one, it would be a bit similar to this.
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An idea: the "battle" of genders and personalities

jnikola Nov 07, 2021
What if you had a described show where men and women are "competing" at the same time? That way, viewers could relate easier and see both perspectives, which things are easier and which are tougher if you are a woman or a man. Maybe even choosing more people with different personalities could be interesting. We could see how introverts and extroverts can both make it work.
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