Facebook PixelAI that organizes your trips to places you've never been but would likely enjoy
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AI that organizes your trips to places you've never been but would likely enjoy

Image credit: Denis Tangney Jr

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Aug 28, 2021
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An AI-based app that plans out your trips to unknown destinations with the goal of maximizing your enjoyment.

As time goes by the app learns about your preferences. It also learns about cool places that other people like. Eventually, it's in a unique position to be able to match you with amazing locations that other people with similar preferences loved.

The app learns about you

During the initial learning stage, the AI would:
  • ask you a ton of questions
  • have you pick between sets of images
  • rate short video clips
  • rate google street view locations
  • you pick very specific options on what made you prefer one image/video to another
  • you would specify a few favorite past locations, for which the AI would again ask you very specific multi-choice questions in order to zoom in on why you liked the places
As you feed it data, it gets better at finding places that you will love.

The app learns about the actual places people love

In your everyday life, whenever you run into a spot that you enjoy, you take a 360 degrees panorama photo using the app's built-in feature. You describe the place in your own words. The app then asks you a bunch of questions to pinpoint what's special about the place.

The app asks for feedback

When you visit the recommended places, the app asks you to rate them. Based on the feedback it learns:
  • To better tailor the suggestions for you.
  • Who the spammers/time-wasters are that enter non-special locations into the system. The app learns to ignore recommendations from people that statitically overhype stuff.
Configure your constraints

Define your constraints and have the app suggest only destinations that are within your preferences/limits. Example constraints:
  • the budget
  • safety of destination
  • languages spoken locally
  • prefer or avoid physical activity (climbing, hiking, biking, kayaking, etc)
  • climate (temperature range, rainfall, etc)
  • and so on..
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General comments

Spook Louw
Spook Louw3 years ago
I don't know if this is already implied by your idea, but if you also provide the program with your budget, it could organize your travel and accommodation for you as well. The program could then compile different bundles for you to choose from according to the parameters that you have set and you would essentially be able to organize an entire trip with a single click of a button.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Spook Louw I forgot about this:) I planned on adding a section where everyone gets to defines their constraints. Will add it now
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