Facebook PixelAn algorithm designed to help clubs discover lesser-known DJs and performers based on local clubgoers' current favorite songs
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An algorithm designed to help clubs discover lesser-known DJs and performers based on local clubgoers' current favorite songs

Image credit: Adidor X Yinon Zalman, Tulum Afro Latin House Mix, Youtube

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jun 05, 2022
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Clubs to employ an algorithm that finds great lesser-known DJs and performers based on their clubgoers' current music tastes. Thereby continuing to be their patrons' favorite venue.
  • A way for clubs to find and host lesser-known DJs/performers whom the local crowd will love.
  • A way for clubs to remain relevant and continue being the partygoers' favorite venue.
  • Lesser-known DJs/performers cost the club that employs them less money but still create a great time for the clubgoers.
How it works
Each week, clubs would ask their regular customers to nominate their top 3 favorite songs of the week. People will gladly do it because those choices will affect the type of music played in the club.
Youtube's music suggestion algorithm is one of the best for recommending new songs based on other songs that a person likes. The same algorithm can be used to compose a list of lesser-known DJs or performers that play similar music to what the clubgoers currently prefer. The club would then invite/hire those performers.
The club can come up with various motivating factors for people to keep updating their favorite songs week after week. Something like:
  • A potential of being named as a pioneer in the club's hall of fame as the first person to list a song that became the club's favorite for a while.
  • A discount for regular customers that is renewed on a weekly basis by updating the person's new favorite songs.
  • What else?
Average vs clusters of taste
This algorithm can try to find an average of all the music tastes of all of the club's patrons or it can cluster the tastes and organize special events catering to different groups.
Creative contributions

Club visitors post songs they shazamed there on the venue's social media site

Povilas S
Povilas S Oct 06, 2022
One way to motivate the clubgoers to keep signaling about their musical taste is to encourage them to post songs shazamed at the club somewhere on the club's website (forum section or similar, if there is one) or their social media page. This could be done after each separate event held at the club.
  • People shazam songs that they don't yet know, so it's a good way to approach keeping the fresh repertoire for the club.
  • If you find a new song that you like you'd most likely want to share it with others.
  • It would definitely get people on social media to like/comment on such posts and thus increase engagement with the club's virtual presence.
  • Overlapping (shazamed and posted by many or at least a few people) shazams could be selected as favorite songs of the week, month, etc.
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