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An app that keeps track of your teeth' colour, shape and health

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-person-in-gray-scrub-suit-holding-white-digital-tablet-4270359/

jnikola Sep 09, 2022
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An educational and lifestyle app which would help you track your teeth' health, position, and colour.
  • People love smiles
  • People who care about their hygiene would also love to care about their teeth; there are many apps for keeping track of brushing (like this one integrated with a toothbrush), but none for teeth colour (lazy attempt here)
  • It's easy to get out of brushing routines
  • people usually start to care about their teeth when it's already too late (teeth in bad condition)
  • you could track the discolouration of your teeth and apply some of the whitening techniques available
  • teeth state can point to more serious diseases and disorders
How would it work?
Data collection - users would create profile and
  • fill in the necessary profile details
  • upload some of their photos where they are smiling
  • give some info about current status of their teeth (caries/cavity, implants, diseases)
  • upload X-ray pictures of teeth (orthopanic photos)
  • write about daily brushing routines
AI-driven data analysis would then
  • fit user into a group according to their smile and mouth/teeth shape
  • sort uploaded smiling photos according to the date when the photo was taken
  • perform picture analyses (taking into account brightness, exposure, surroundings, etc.) on these photos to make them comparable
  • create a log of changes related to your teeth (position changes, colour)
  • create the 3-d representation of your teeth according to the X-ray images or pictures taken by the gadgets described in Additional information section (along withchanges in 3-d)
  • mark the teeth if they are diseased, have the filling, are an implant, etc.
  • calculate the best brushing route that could be exported and updated if paired with electrical toothbrush mentioned in this video
Keeping track
  • you could upload new photos or give access to pictures so that the app can look for smiles by itself and check your teeth in the background
  • you could film yourself with a front camera from time to time to feed the app
  • by gadgets mentioned lower you could give better insight into your teeth health and changes - better recommendations from the app about discolourment (which whitening technique to use) , dentist services, etc.
  • after whitening treatments, you could see the progress (also rate different methods)
  • calendar and notifications of your appointments
  • If an app detects an issue, you could be alarmed and notified to visit a dentist - some diseases can affect enamel (the hard surface of the teeth) and dentin (the underlying material under enamel) and can lead to tooth discoloration
  • if you damage your tooth or have a similar problem, you could ask for help
  • you could be notified if a service that you need is on a discount somewhere (advertisements)
  • you could get recommendation about better brushing techniques, healthier daily routines (avoiding certain food and drinks)
Additional information
  • Gadgets
  • electric toothbrush (as the one here) - could be equipped with a camera or another sensor that would allow a better teeth hygene tracking
  • smart mirrors tool for capturing better in-mouth photos of the teeth
  • smart bathroom mirrors to support better hygene
  • Ageing - teeth become yellowish/brownish as you age
What do you think? Do you have ideas about any other gadget that could be used?
Creative contributions

Smart mouth-washing liquid

jnikola Sep 10, 2022
Inspired by Michaela D's comment, I wanted to add another gadget to the list - a smart mouth-washing liquid.
  • To detect abnormalities not visible by a camera (back of the teeth, nonvisible changes on the surface of teeth,
  • To clean mouth more efficiently
  • To give recommendations about the brushing technique
  • To give information about present tooth fillings
How would it work?
You would simly wash your mouth with the liquid for 30 seconds by thorough gargling. Liquid would leave a blue trace on teeth. After this, you would wash your mouth with water for 30 seconds. Water would rinse part of the blue trace from the teeth. The colour would still be present on hard-to-reach places, cavity, dental filling holes, damaged tooth enamel or teeth, etc. You would then follow instructions on how to take photos of your mouth from inside using gadgets mentioned in the idea text. After taking photos, you would rinse your mouth with water and the colour would dissapear. Smartphone app would do the magic and tell you what you should do based on the health of your teeth.
The "magic" recipe of the liquid
The main thing in the liquid should be a chemical of colour that reversibly binds specifically to dentin. Every damage of enamel exposes dentin and that's what this method would use to give you more information about the health status of your teeth. The chemical could be similar to dentin bonding agents or could be an antibody that binds to dentin. I need to work on this for a bit more.
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App for pets, too

jnikola Sep 10, 2022
Pet owners, especially dog and cat owners, became really obsessed with their furry friends. Besides GPS collars, special food, and pet hotels, tooth hygiene was always a thing.
How would it work?
The same as I mentioned in the idea text. The smart mouth-washing liquid should be made safe for pets, too. Since there is already a mouth-washing liquid for dogs, this shouldn't be very complicated to sell.
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General comments

Michaela D
Michaela D2 years ago
It would be a great addition if the app could evaluate photos from the inside of the mouth, the parts of teeth that we cannot see. So, the app could let us know when we need to visit the dentist. This can be with a little gadget that has a camera, as you mentioned. I am not sure how easy it is to add a camera to a toothbrush, but you can definitely have a long cylinder that looks like a pen with a camera on the top. It may need to have light, too.
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