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An app that matches walkers/runners with dogs that need to go for a walk

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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Jul 18, 2022
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An app that allows people who do not have time to take their dog for a walk on a certain day to connect with people in the area who are going for a hike or a walk and would like to take a dog with them.
There are a number of instances in which users could benefit from such a pairing:
  • Security reasons - Elderly people or anyone that is afraid of walking alone will enjoy the security provided by having a dog accompany them.
  • Goodwill - Young, able-bodied people could help out older people or people who are not physically capable of walking their dogs.
  • Animal lovers - There are many animal lovers who are not able to keep pets for whatever reason who would jump at the opportunity to spend some time with a dog.
  • Motivation - Walkers/runners might feel a sense of obligation after arranging a walk to show up, this could be good motivation for them to get in their necessary exercise.
This would be free, as opposed to hiring a dog walker, as the walkers are from the same area as the dog and would be going for a walk anyway.
How it works
Ideally, such a service would be free, as it is built on the idea that both parties benefit from the arrangement. Dog owners would indicate the amount of exercise their dog needs, what they are comfortable with and what they enjoy, walkers would be able to browse through all the dogs waiting to go on a walk, and the app would suggest dogs whose exercise requirements best match the level of the hike/run that the walker wants to do.
Dog owners would have to sign a release form that protects the walkers/runners if anything were to happen accidentally.
Both dogs and walkers would build a rating over time, indicating to potential users whether the dog was well behaved and whether the walker was punctual and gentle with the dog.
Users would have to be vetted by the app thoroughly and would need to provide enough of their personal details to give dog owners a sense of security when leaving their pets in their care. Similarly, dogs displaying any aggressive behaviour will be banned from the app.
As an added safety precaution, the app could even track the walkers.
The dog's owners will be responsible for providing the leash, poo bag and any additional snacks or gear that might be required.
Creative contributions

Dog walking as a service/favour exchange

Michaela D
Michaela D Jul 22, 2022
I like the idea and have myself considered I would walk other people's dogs for free. But it would be hard to commit. If the dog walkers gain nothing but the pleasure of being close to dogs and getting exercise, they would do it occasionally and inconsistently. So, people who really need their dogs walked by someone regularly could not rely on this service, and probably turn to paid dog walkers.
A solution to this would be an extra incentive for dog walkers, which is not necessarily money. That could be any service the dog owners can provide, which would look like a traditional return of a favour. For example, cooking some extra food and offering a meal, watering the plants when the dog walker is absent, etc...
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General comments

Oguntola Tobi
Oguntola Tobi2 years ago
I guess this service would be mostly useful for pet dogs. I'm not sure about the feasibility of a stranger walking a massive and probably hostile guard dog.
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