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An app where people invite other locals to their house parties based on geolocation

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Aug 01, 2021
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An app where party hosts invite local people to their house parties based on geolocation/radius. Browse all the parties in your area, mingle with the locals, make new friends.

The party host defines the maximum number of guests. As people request to attend, the host approves/rejects or puts them on the last-minute waiting list (in case more slots open up).

Rules of the house

Every party has the house rules posted ahead of people signing up. Stuff like age restriction, dress code, etc.

The host could:
  • Offer free food and drinks (complements of the host), people just need to show up
  • Request the guests to bring some food/drinks (select from the wishlist so that different people bring different stuff)
  • Set an entrance fee that covers all the food/drings
  • Sell food/drinks at the party
  • any other model?

User reputation and identities

Only people with verified identities can request an invite to a party. The host can leave a feedback/review for any guest in case they caused trouble, or were vey nice, etc. This feedback is helpful to future hosts when approving/rejecting guests.

Check-in on arrival

On arrival, the host checks the guests identities and marks them as arrived in the app. No-shows are reported on the user's profiles. In the future, if a user has a higher then average no-show ratio, the hosts are alerted so that they know what to expect from such a person. This is especially important in cases when people are expected to bring food/drinks. Or when all the available slots are reserved.

In cases where the maximum number of guests is reached and several don't show up, the host can last-minute invite a few from the waiting list to fill the vacant slots.

Rate system for the hosts and parties

The party goers are asked to rate the party and the host based on several criteria:
  • quality of food/drinks
  • host's hospitality
  • the venue ambient
  • overall enjoyment
  • choice of music
  • etc
This is the opportunity for hosts to make their names as great party organizers.
Creative contributions

A great way to showcase different skills

Shubhankar Kulkarni
Shubhankar Kulkarni Aug 02, 2021
The app can also include skills that the party go-ers have. For example, if I made a dish and brought it over, people could rate it through the app. Similarly, a newbie musician could try their hand at DJ-ing at a party. If people like it, they could call that DJ for the next party and pay them for their service.

Similarly, good dancers and stand-up comedians could get a stage to showcase their skills, obtain feedback, and get more work based on that.

The hosts need not necessarily pay them; it will depend on the kind of agreement they make. If these artists are really good, they would lighten up a party and people might start following them.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Yes, and excellent expansion of the idea and a way for locals to make their name in what they are good at.
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