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An extension of map apps to highlight places you've never been before

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Povilas S
Povilas S Oct 14, 2021
The idea is for various geolocation apps like google maps to have a function that lets the user filter search results to see only those places he/she has never yet been at. So if you search for say nearby restaurants, you could activate the "novelty filter" and amongst all the results visible on the map the app would show unvisited places highlighted in the foreground while those you've already been at dimmed in the background.
The convenience of this: This would let you discover new places easier. It would be especially useful while traveling and trying to squeeze the maximum out of new areas, but it would also be handy for rediscovering the location that you are settled in (given it's a big enough urban area). Now we might do such filtering ourselves by simply looking at the search results and discarding already visited places one by one from our memory, but this is inconvenient. Such function would be very useful when the user is intentionally searching for new places to visit.
This might apply for a variety of things, not only public establishments, you might search for towns you've never visited in your country/region, countries you've never visited in a continent/world, etc. With intense geolocation tracking prevailing these days this wouldn't be difficult for an app to do.
The current state of the art: Currently map apps only provide location history which means you can check places you've visited during a certain time period in the past, but it doesn't work the way that I proposed in this idea. I didn't manage to find an app that would have a proposed function.
Such software function would contribute to the realization of this idea.
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The same function for all search engine results

Povilas S
Povilas S Oct 14, 2021
Search engines usually mark search results that you already clicked on while you are still being on the same search session, but this is very transient because once you leave the browser/close the tab this "memory" is lost and especially if you set the browser settings to refresh every time you close it.
Instead, this could be done as a filter which, when activated would group the results according to the novelty based on your all-time search history.

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General comments

Juran2 days ago
Great suggestion. For this purpose, I mark all the places I have visited on "My Maps" function in Google Maps. First, I create a new category and call it "have been restaurants" and then I manually add places. Later, when I look for the ones I have never visited before, I check my map. I agree it's inconvenient and time consuming. If I did this for everything I search, visit or travel to, it would be just too much and prone to my error. We need a feature you proposed! I'll try to come up with some ideas.