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An online metaverse/RPG where people challenge the opponent to do real-life tasks

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jnikola Nov 12, 2021
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The idea is to create an online role-playing game (RPG) similar to Fortnite, where you choose your character, customize it and start exploring the virtual world. You get new equipment, unlock new levels and get a customization add-on to your character by collecting points. Points can be earned by winning the challenges. You can either be challenged by the in-game elements or by the other players.
The fun part is all about challenges. The player can get challenged or challenge the other players to do something from the list or literally anything that can be "measured" by the phone's camera, microphone, or other sensors! Not exactly anything, but anything that get approved or was already approved by the moderators.
How would it work?
  • The player writes down the challenge and waits for approval. Approval takes up to 10 seconds since many moderators actively approve or disapprove challenges.
  • Once approved, the player gets a notice to get ready and the countdown begins. Users compete in e.g. who would last longer in a handstand, do more push-ups in a minute, lip-sync the song more correct, sing the higher note, drink a glass of water in less time, run longer distance in 5 mins, predict a btc price in exact hour, play chess, etc. Challenges can last from 1 second to 1 year.
  • After the challenge was done, the algorithm proposes a winner. Moderators check the proposed result and award a winner with points. Moderators can also send a note describing their decision.
Why would you play it?
  • Keep yourself entertained
  • Endless number of challenges
  • Everybody can pick a skill and challenge people at something they are good in
  • Get rewarded by showing your skills
  • Learning new skills
  • It's a funny way how to find new in-game and, possibly, real friends
  • Game can easily be upgraded by adding a VR function, which open more possibilities
  • Players could also earn NFTs or game tokens and actually earn money
  • Multiplayer option

Would you play it? Do you know a similar game?
Creative contributions

Integrating games with fitness hardware

Spook Louw
Spook Louw Nov 18, 2021
I really like your idea Juran, I think I agree with a lot of what Povilas S has added as well.
I think I would approach the concept like this:
Certain challenges would be related to certain elements of the game. So, for example, going for a run while wearing your fitness tracker which is connected to the game could earn you points or regenerate your characters health, or even time in the game would not move forward until the player has gotten an x amount of sleep in real life (preventing people from playing for days without stopping) etc.
I would keep the challenges and the connected rewards set, as being able to challenge other players or having varying degrees of success when performing challenges might open too many variables that would need to be moderated and might make the system too complex.
So, in my interpretation, players would know that in order to achieve or gain certain things in the game, they would need to do certain things in real life. You could then also work in bonus rewards, for example, if a player goes for a 2k run for 3 days in a row and also logs into the game for the same 3 days, he/she might receive a special reward that can be used in the game. This way, the game promotes certain healthy habits while also encouraging people to play often. You could then effectively gamify any fitness goal by connecting it to something totally unrelated.
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jnikola3 years ago
That's exactly how I imagined it. We are now using the fitness factor the most, but it could be done with any other skill that can be measured in real life.
I like how you highlighted the most important point here - the connection between the game and real life. I think that's one of the most important distinctions between this proposed game and the other Metaverses right now. Existing metaverse games create virtual worlds where you can be whoever you want to be, create friendships, challenge people, build, and earn real money. In the proposed game, you would have much more connection with the real-life and therefore, a much healthier gaming experience that does not separate you from your real self. In-game progress would be proportional to the real-life progress you make, making it a cool game and a real-life self-awareness toolkit!
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Spook Louw
Spook Louw3 years ago
Juran Yes, I think the reason I am concentrating on fitness is that it seems that one of the biggest cons of any successful game is that it promotes unhealthy lifestyles (Lots of screen time, little physical activity).
So adding a fitness element would simply help promote more balanced lifestyles, but of course, anything that can be measured or recorded could potentially be integrated.
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Personal challenges instead of competitions

Povilas S
Povilas S Nov 12, 2021
I personally would like the game more if instead of competing with one another the players got personal challenges offered by their game mates (or opponents). So instead of competing who will, for example, stand longer on their hands, one player would simply challenge the other to stand on their hands or to do it for a certain amount of time.
When the challenge is not about competing but simply doing it or not, you also have more options to choose from. The challenges can perhaps be offered by the moderators of the game so that the third person moderation wouldn't be necessary and to eliminate cases where opponents offer each other very difficult challenges to break their rival and where game mates offer too easy challenges. The difficulty level of the challenge could depend on what prize the player wants to get, moderators would decide which challenge to prescribe accordingly.
Players could send suggestions to moderators for various challenges they come up with, they wouldn't know if and to whom their challenge will be offered, so there would be no conflict of interests. Moderators then would have a constantly renewing pool of challenges and could pick something from there to offer the players.
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jnikola3 years ago
It's definitely a good suggestion and would eliminate some of the problems that you mentioned. But would it be a problem if you could only just earn points if others challenge you? Does that mean that they need to give you their points or you would get them from the game moderators based on the difficulty level of the challenge?
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Povilas S
Povilas S3 years ago
Juran Perhaps the latter. I'm not sure how such games are structured exactly, I'm not that into videogames, especially the strategic/RPG type, but it would perhaps be possible to configure them either way. The players could also offer some of their points to other players in exchange for doing the challenge that they came up with, but this should be more of a fun thing for those who offer points, not the win/lose situation.
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