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An outdoor kitchen that doubles as a self-service fresh food vending machine

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Oct 28, 2021
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An automated self-serving outdoor restaurant. Basically a hybrid between a buffet restaurant and a vending machine.
  • No waiters are required. The mini restaurant can be run by a single person that outsources the food preparation to other restaurants.
  • Restaurants can extend their reach and make fresh snacks available in nearby public areas.
  • Enable the use of public parks, beaches, etc, as lunch areas.
  • A mini restaurant wherever people hang out.
  • Vending machines are traditionally associated with unhealthy snacks. Not this one.
How it works
Refrigerated or heated locker vending machines are built around stylish kitchen counters (as shown in the header image). Various other configurations are possible. For example:
Each locker is an individual heated or refrigerated box with a double glazed window. They are filled with various fresh meals, snacks and drinks (or combos).
There is a control panel where people select which locker they want to open. It opens as soon as they pay for it with any of the standard payment method.
When a sufficient number of lockers are emptied the resupplier gets notified and brings fresh food to restock the machine.
Biodegradable food packaging and cutlery is disposed off by the guests themselves.
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