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Augmented reality glasses that display Sims-like information above each object or person

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Nov 20, 2021
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AI-powered glasses that monitor people and objects around you and display useful info above their head (like in the video game "The Sims). The more you look at something, the deeper the AI digs into information about it.
Some information that could be displayed:
  • How the person is feeling based on their body language
  • Their name (if known) based on facial recognition and image search through social media profiles from people in the area
  • Highlight friends/relatives with a different color
  • What they are known for (their social media profile descriptions)
  • Any info people would like everyone to know
  • Marital status, job, interests, etc.
  • Common friends/acquaintances
  • High concept pitch for any business. Their top selling products and prices.
  • Wikipedia info summarized into a sentence or two.
  • Animal species/breeds, lifespan, sex, approximate age.
  • What else?
  • Bring accessibility of information that people are used to online into the real world.
How it works
The overhead tag/caption shows up only if there's something special about the person (known for something). Otherwise you have to look at them for more than a few seconds to request more information. The longer you look at them the harder the AI tries to come up with anything useful.
The AI could pre-fetch some info about objects/people that are likely to draw your attention so that the info can be delivered as fast as you want it.
This would basically be an Alexa/Google type of assistant that offers the information about stuff that catches your attention.
If you abruptly look away (shake it of) the information dissappears.
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Spook Louw
Spook Louw Dec 16, 2021
This idea could be paired well with this idea. This version would display all the information stipulated above, but apart from that, it would also cover the person's features with an avatar that they create. This way, people could choose exactly how they appear. Not only would it theoretically render classic cosmetics completely useless, but it would completely remove all constraints to what people are able to make themselves look like.
It would be like looking at the world through an Instagram filter.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
Wait until the era of DIY home gene therapies arrives. Imagine what teenagers will look like then.
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The "Shazam for faces, pets, and things"

jnikola Nov 21, 2021
This idea is incredible and I think we will soon see it implemented all over the world. To better understand the way how it will work, I found a cool example of an app that does some of the features you mentioned.
The technology is developed by a London-based app firm called Blippar.
The app is still not launched, but the features are known. The app will scan faces (the database of over 400 000 public faces) and bring up profiles with information (Figure 1). The company states their algorithm is 99% accurate! The users will also be able to scan their own faces and upload curated information, images, links to social media profiles, favorite music, and even their own celebrity lookalike. Check the app video here. What they also do are the promotions for various brands, where the scan of the item will start an AR experience. As I realized, you can scan the product (e.g. soda) and see the promotional video. There is also an app Finding Rover that scans the pet faces and matches them with the owners. It can help in finding lost pets.
Your initial idea contains suggestions that are not covered by this app and that's what would make it more interesting. But along with this technology, there should be a safety "switch" that allows a person to block their face from being scanned. That a whole new area for innovative research - how to make your face unreadable by the AI-powered AR apps?


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