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Automated "hanging" furniture system for smart interior design

Image credit: https://designwanted.com/flying-table-jcpcdr-architecture/

jnikola Feb 06, 2023
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Design and build ceiling-mounted furniture to create a living space where everything hangs.
  • Easier cleaning. Roomba cleaning robots would enjoy it.
  • Child-safe. Small kids could crawl under tables without being distracted by furniture objects.
  • Adjustable. Furniture could be adjusted to a certain height, depending on the purpose.
  • Compact. Furniture could be lifted if not used, e.g. bed during the night.
  • Multi-functional rooms. During the day, the bed and night closets could be lifted up, while the working table, chair and could be lowered and ready to be used. Also, the room could be easily transformed into an empty workout space.
How would it work?
There would be a system of cables integrated into the ceiling that would be controlled by the central module. The furniture would hang on the cables and made stabile so it doesn't swing around. Central module would be used to lift or lower the furniture, depending on the settings. The "custom ambient" function could be used to simultaneously lift up or lower down the specific furniture to create desired interior scheme. In that way, small spaces could be easily transformed and smartly used. For example, if you press "workout mode", everything would be lifted up so that you can spread your yoga mat and workout. If I then want to sleep, I can select "sleep" mode and the bed and the night stands lower down, while dining table is raised to save space.
  • How to design kitchen and bathroom furniture?
  • What would be the toughest pieces of furniture to think of a hanging solution to?
flying furniture; flying table; flying bed; suspended table
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General comments

Marco Agudelo
Marco Agudeloa year ago
"The furniture would hang on the cables and made stabile so it doesn't swing around." This would be the game changer solution. What do you have in mind?
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jnikolaa year ago
Marco Agudelo Hehehe this was the trickiest part of my thinking process.
I was thinking about it and came up with several solutions that would act as "swinging noise" cancellation systems:
  • Distributing the pulling force to inhibit the "swinging movement" - using more cables with different anchoring points on the furniture to minimize the swinging movement.
  • Designing cables with many small cables that together actively stretch or contract to stop swinging - cables would work like breaking systems in cars: since not each wheel experiences the same traction from the ground or the same breaking force from disks, the central computer needs to apply different forces in order for the car to effectively and efficiently stop in the shortest time without turning. The same principle would be applied through active cables.
  • Hollow retractable but fixed poles, instead of flexible cables, are used for hanging furniture
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Spook Louw
Spook Louwa year ago
This would combine well with this idea.
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jnikolaa year ago
Spook Louw Oh yes, it could also be combined with this, too. However, it would require things to hang on cables rather than stand on the magnetic floor. I think it could work since ceilings are much easier to adjust compared to floors in the existing spaces.
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