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Automated Refractors that Protect your Eyes from the Sun's Glare while Driving

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@darwiiiin

Samuel Bello
Samuel Bello Jul 28, 2021
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In order to protect the driver's eyes from the sun's glare, we can use a piece of glass that refracts the light from the sun. This refractor can bend the light rays from the sun so that it does not meet the driver's face or it can reduce the intensity of the light so that it does not irritate the driver's eyes. This refractor will automatically adjust its position as the sun's position relative to the driver changes.

A colored piece of glass can be used in the place of a refracting lens to achieve the same thing. The use of these automated 'sun lockers' will reduce the number of car accidents that are caused by sun glare. A study shows that up to nine thousand accidents related to sun glare occur each year .

Since the sun blocker is automated, it will protect the driver's line of sight from the sun even when the sun sun is out of sight. The reason the sun blockers should be left active at all times is that the driver will feel more disconcerted if the sun's glare meets his eyes unexpectedly. Some existing methods of protection from the sun's glare have to be put on by the driver and are adjusted manually. apart from being a distraction to the driver, such measures do not protect the driver from first,sudden glare.


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Adjustable polarized glass

jnikola Jul 28, 2021
We have all seen funny-looking photosensitive glasses, that can be normal glasses for reading, but when you expose them to the sunlight, they "switch" to sunglasses.
I suppose you are looking for the same thing, but for the refraction.

Maybe the solution is much easier. What if we put a polarized coating on any car windshield? Would that be enough to stop the sun glare from blinding you while driving? Actually, it's already being implemented.
The coating is transparent, so visibility is not limited, even during the night.
The technology should advance a little, due to some patterns and rainbows appearing while looking through polarized glass, but I think we're close.

An add-on could be the gradient of shade on the windshield. The upper part could be adaptable, similar to the sunglasses from the link.

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