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Build a virtual pet platform

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Deru Xu
Deru Xu Aug 19, 2021
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There are many people who like to keep pets. Some people keep dogs, and some people keep cats. There are many advantages to keeping pets.The benefits of keeping a pet:
  1. You can cultivate love and responsibility, and learn to take care of the weak.
  2. Children keep pets, and pets can accompany them to grow up.
  3. Accompany the elderly in their lives, so that the children and the elderly are not alone.
  4. Relieve the stress of urban young people and become a good way to relax emotionally.
Channels for adopting pets:
  1. Adoption platform.
  2. Purchase at a pet store.
  3. Adopted from other adopters.
  4. Adopted from a pet shelter.
  5. Others.
However, there are also inconveniences in adopting a pet. Sometimes it is not possible to feed it in time, causing it to go hungry. I have an idea to build a platform for adopting virtual pets. Unlike other virtual pet platforms, there are physical pets offline, and offline pets and online virtual pets are of the same breed. Any physical pet store or pet organization can participate in the platform.

The owner can interact with the pet on the platform. If the owner wants to interact with the physical pet, he can go to the pet shop to play with the pet. The owner can come to watch the pet offline at any time, and the owner can also take the pet home, or in the app Interact with pets. People in pet shops or adoption agencies will feed and feed their pets, and send photos of their pets to the platform every day. The owner can know the situation of the pet at any time, and the owner can remotely operate the pet on the platform every day.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic3 years ago
basically, a pet hotel https://youtu.be/HMEgANrmx-U where each box has a camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UouFDGjbnuY
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