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Chaperone commandos that keep young partygoers safe on the streets and in clubs

Image credit: Jacaranda fm

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 22, 2022
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Fast-response unobtrusive personal security service that keeps young partygoers safe on the streets and in clubs. Repeatedly pressing a side button on your phone will bring a security guard to your side within minutes.
It's like nightclub security services but extended to entire areas that are popular with partygoers.
  • Young people are full of hormones, eager to climb the social ladder, and experience things. This gets them in all kinds of trouble they aren't experienced to solve. It also gets them in conflict with peers. Fights between youth can lead to permanent injuries or death.
  • Make parents feel better knowing that should there be trouble, their kids will have someone at their side within minutes.
  • Keep youth safe on the streets and in clubs.
How it works
Personal security commandos that are faster than police and their purpose is to protect youth from getting in trouble. They are alerted via an app. One of the side buttons on the phone can be ported to automatically call for help and transmit your geolocation to the nearest guard(s).
Depending on where they are, the guards take off running or jump on a high-speed electric bikes to reach the distress location as fast as possible.
They step in to difuse/dominate the situation and take everyone's focus away from whatever was about to happen. If necessary they call the police (click of a button, automated call) and reinforcements from their own team. Each guard keeps a communication line open with their team at all times.
This could either be a:
  • commercial service offering covert, unobtrusive personal protection on a client per client basis or (paid per month + per intervention)
  • publicly funded security service that patrols popular party areas and steps in to resolve any trouble
The entire team of guards would spread out evenly througout an area and keep an eye for any sign of trouble. In time, when the service gain experience, the guards would be stationed nearby trouble hotspots.
The guards would be martial arts type of people who are no strangers to street fights and group psychology. Preferably people who are parents themselves and without a criminal record. If necessary/possible they would subdue an attacker with minimal bruises. Think wrestling, grappling, judo, ju-jitsu.
Parents would have to make sure their kids stay within the popular nighspot areas that are covered by the service. The service operates only within their perimeter.
Creative contributions

Student work as a covert agent

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Jan 22, 2022
To achieve better coverage, the security service could hire students that covertly lurk around the popular areas and report any sign of trouble. The students wouldn't get involved, just report.
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jnikola2 years ago
I was just about to propose that. When I was in Oslo three years ago, I saw people in reflective coats standing on almost every bus station on Friday and Saturday nights. When I asked my friend who is that, he said he also did it as a student job, and that it's a service that keeps people safe during pre or post-clubbing time. They move in groups of 3-4 and prevent fights, annoyances, or any other form of unpleasency or violence. I tried to find it on the Internet, but there are no traces of it (in English).
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
J. Nikola cool find! Norway has excess cash. They can afford to fund all sorts of projects that make the lives of their citizens better.
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General comments

Danny Weir
Danny Weir2 years ago
What a great idea! We absolutely require more security forces out on the streets in party hot spots! I just have a few questions/comments that I hope you'll be able to clear up for me.
  • There is already a pretty decent police presence in the majority of major party areas around the world. What would be the jurisdiction of the commandos compared to the police? Do the police take control of the situation as soon as they arrive at the scene? How would we foster a good relationship between the police, venue security and the commandos?
  • Would the commandos' main aim to diffuse situations peacefully? Are they allowed to use weapons and/or physical violence to subdue aggressive patrons? Or maybe they are just there as a presence to deter people from bad behaviour. Where does this fall in terms of liability? Obviously police are covered by their job protection and venue security are licenced so they are protected, but who protects the commandos?
  • Are the commandos also liable if something bad happens under their watch? What if they accidentally hurt someone or fail to respond to an emergency in time, whose fault would it be?
  • Do you think local councils and governments would get on board with the project? It seems as though security and policing is often one of the first cutbacks that governments make so the funding of the commando project would most likely need to be private. Could this possibly lead to tension between the police, venue security and the commandos?
  • What if the commandos are not able to respond to multiple situations at once and something bad happened to someone who had called for help? Would that then be the commandos' fault?
  • Is there a possibility of shirking responsibility and passing the buck here? Security teams at venues and the police generally work quite harmoniously together, with open lines of communication. Would adding an extra team to the mix confuse this process and lead to potentially more problems? The communication systems would have to be extremely well integrated for this to work effectively and everyone would need to be on the same page.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
Danny Weir police presence depends on the area. In peaceful European cities, you only see them at random road checks. They maintain virtually no presence in party areas until they are called in to deal with trouble.
Police has a monopoly on violence, so whenever they show up, they take over. The chaperone commando service would:
  • be faster on-site
  • solve problems that are solvable without involving police
  • protect the victim
  • call the police if necessary
  • have a good relationship with the police
  • be like older brother coming to save your ass (without violence if possible)
  • feel like a bystander stepping in to diffuse the situation
  • not use any weapons. Maybe a pepper spray
The security guards would use physical violence only in self-defense and defense of whoever they are protecting. If ever taken to court, that would be their defense. Plus the fact that they are in the business of protecting people and diffusing bad situations.
Such services could also be funded (or contributed to) by owners of bars, clubs, restaurants to make the entire area safer. Smaller venues don't have their own security. At the first sign of trouble, a bartender could push a button and have help there within minutes.
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