Facebook PixelConvert a car into a mobile office to earn money driving clients around during the day, and live in it at night
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Convert a car into a mobile office to earn money driving clients around during the day, and live in it at night

Image credit: Cadillac Escalade Sky Captain from Lexani

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Sep 15, 2021
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Convert a car to a luxury mobile office that you can also live in when not driving clients around. The car becomes your home while also providing income to sustain your lifestyle.

This idea is a hybrid of several ideas:
  • this guy lives in his tesla and makes a living driving people around via the Lyft app
  • a luxury car office that fits multiple people (featured in the header image)
  • a clever design where you can hide all your belongings to maintain the luxury office feel while driving clients around

This is a way for digital nomads to sustain their lifestyle while working on their online business. If the experiment turns out to be successful in the area, this could be expanded into an uber-type fleet of mobile offices.

How it works

Get a few regular clients that pay monthly for your driving services. Each commutes at a specific time in the day. Having fixed schedules allows you to take on multiple clients scheduled at different times in the day.

Maintain a scheduling app where your clients can book extra slots if needed.

Design of the car office

Design a perfect mobile office for yourself. Working in it should feel amazingly comfortable - better than any workstation you've ever had.

Each client can hook their own laptop to the provided monitors and keyboards. Or they can have a personal/dedicated environment on your mobile office computer.

I think it should be a car rather than a van because it makes stealth sleeping much easier. If you decide to convert a van for a more comfortable life you would have to come up with reliable parking arrangements.

Some cool examples:

Toyota Sienna mobile office:

Land jet mobile office (Mercedes Sprinter):

Toyota Sienna (Swagger wagon conversion):

Creative contributions

Providing a better experience for the client than possible in other means of transportation

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Sep 19, 2021
Integrate a white noise app like Noisli and attach it to the surround sound system of the car in order to help your commuters boost their productivity.

It can also be a way to break the mundanity of everyday commute that usually doesn't change even slightly for years. While also being stress-inducing with the frequent honks and road rage shouts and white noise hopefully masking it.

On a similar note to the white noise app, LED screens can be used on the sides of the vehicle to provide the commuters with a different visual than the demoralizing endless river of cars in adjacent tracks.

Provide the customers with little gadgets that they didn't even know can help boost their productivity like a "gaming style" mouse with back and forward buttons on the side.

Additionally, ensure that keyboards provided are mechanical, as they are far better for typing (especially in a moving environment with bumpy roads) than typical laptop keyboards.

On a different take, instead of a traditional seat, the passenger could ride a stationary exercise bike in order to get his cardio workout in while doing work and commuting to or from work. While not having to worry about navigating traffic. Making it a three in one activity.

With either the normal luxury setup or a bike seat, provide the commuters with small fitness equipment for waking the body or working on traditionally more neglected body parts. A neck exercise harness can be utilized in a small place to get that 3 in 1 feature, as well as a handgrip and forearm strengthener.
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