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Entire family decontamination service

Image credit: Servpro, Dreamstime

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Feb 19, 2022
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A service that gets your entire family and home rid of a specific pathogen at once. For example mold, fleas, intestinal parasites, bed bugs, contagious fungal infections, etc.
  • Some pathogens are difficult to remove because household members keep reinfecting each other.
  • Some pathogens are difficult to remove from the environment (bed bugs, fleas, etc)
  • Get rid of difficult, transmissible pathogens from your environment in an easy and pleasant way.
How it works
Step 1: Diagnosis
When a hardy contagious pathogen is suspected, a doctor examines all the family members to determine which pathogen(s) the family is dealing with. Some members might require meds, while others could get by just following the cleansing/prevention protocol without the meds.
In this stage the entire home and car(s) are examined. Samples are taken from various surfaces where usual suspect pathogens are normally found.
Step 2: Whole family cleansing vacation
All household members take a trip to a specialized place that offers cleansing retreats.
Upon arrival, all belongings are handed over to be thorougly disinfected and returned later in the day. Everyone recieves new clothes and hands over theirs to be thoroughly disinfected. The car is handed over as well.
Depending on the diagnosis everyone receives appropriate treatment. If it's a skin infection, everyone receives daily massages with lotions that contain appropriate medicine.
Every family gets a dedicated swimming pool where the water is replaced daily from a nearby freshwater spring. The water is infused with appropriate medicine that targets the specific pathogen (terbinafine, ketoconazole, pyrethrin, etc).
Everything feels like a nice vacation, but spiked with appropriate meds. A lot of attention is paid to cleanliness and changing clothes frequently.
Step 3: Home disinfection, decontamination, disinfestation
Depending on the pathogen(s) that are found during the diagnosis stage, the entire house is treated with approriate chemicals, UV lamps, heat, etc.
Some things might need to be discarded and replaced. This is discussed and approved before the home is treated.
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