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Hostel dorms that transform into art galleries

Image credit: left: https://unsplash.com/photos/OfjOuw_prPg, right: https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/double-deck-wall-mounted-bed-21299810988.html

Aashi Agarwal
Aashi Agarwal Oct 24, 2021
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Many a times upcoming and emerging artists do not find adequate openings to showcase their talent and the problem becomes more profound as the number of art school graduates rises each passing day. What if dorms/hostels could install double bunk wall-mounted beds that could be used as a canvas mount when flipped closed?

How would it work?
It would require grooves that allow canvas and paintings to be fitted on the undersides of the bunk bed and could be showcased when the bed is not in use. Else there could be magnetic rails attached to the underside of each bunk and with the help of some magnetic attachments to the paintings they could be affixed to the bed. This kind of an attachment system would make it easy to change thhe canvases from time to time.
Some other requirements-
  1. Uniform colour for bed underside- preferably white
  2. Adequate lighting in the dorm above the beds
  • It can be started at a small scale locally and people can be invited to come visit the “dorm turned art gallery” to get to know artists in their neighbourhood. With time one could expect word of mouth to spread drawing lots of attention from the public. This could save upcoming artists the hassle of looking for ways and means to get one’s art on display and meanwhile help them gain the recognition required to approach large well known art galleries.
  • It could also help them reach potential buyers locally and help meet future clients.
  • It could help bring some much needed cheer in otherwise gloomy dorm rooms.
  • It could simply help in better utilization of limited space available to us, much like the inspiration behind this idea.
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