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How can we monitor the evolving cancer?

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jnikola Apr 21, 2023
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Cancer is a complex disease that evolves from its early to later stages and becomes more aggressive and drug-resistant over time. Scientists are searching for biomarkers to recognize cancer stages and suggest suitable therapy. With thousands of types of tumours based on origin, varying stages, and drug resistance, treating cancer remains a significant challenge.
Current technologies such as repeated liquid and solid biopsies, biomarker level measurements, urine sampling, etc. present invasive and partial solutions. In the era of quantum computers, AIs, advanced molecular analysis methods and the deep knowledge of the heterogenous and fast-changing nature of cancer disease, we need a technologically more advanced, simpler and more reliable solution.
  • How can we monitor the constantly evolving nature of cancer, which encompasses various types, stages, and drug resistances?
  • Can you think of novel biotechnological approaches, targets, key players or concepts of how we could track the evolving nature of cancer cells in real time?
  • How can we utilize our knowledge of cell proteins, components, genetic engineering tools, plasmids, and other resources of cells/organisms to understand their functions better and develop new monitoring technologies?
Note: focus on the known and unknown functions of cell proteins, cell components, genetical engineering tools, plasmids and other cell/organism resources, and not so much on mechanical technologies (nanoboides).

Maybe it's the right question that will lead us to the right answer. Feel free to suggest new questions in the comments.
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