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How do we make it possible for more people to pursue their dreams?

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Darko Savic
Darko Savic Oct 10, 2021
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How can we make it possible for more people to pursue their dreams?

There are various obstacles that prevent people from pursuing their dreams. Some that come to mind are:
  • the lack of self-confidence
  • the lack of determination (wrong mindset)
  • the lack of resources (money, time)
  • the lack of knowledge/skills
  • the lack of technological advancement
  • the lack of people skills to mobilize the team for the task
  • etc
How can some of these obstacles be removed for people at large?
Creative contributions

A service to illustrate the potential outcomes of (not) taking action

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Nov 17, 2021
I think this tackles the second obstacle Darko Savic listed - "the lack of determination (wrong mindset)"
A lot of self-help books have a concept of creating an avatar that is used to break old habits or form new ones. Something like imagining the person you might become if you continue smoking: an old man coughing all the time, with yellow fingers, permanently attached to oxygen tanks. It's done in order to crystalize what you're trying to break free from. And the opposite for positive motivation: imagining yourself as the healthiest you have ever been, having clear skin, nicer teeth.
It can be utilized to spur on the pursuit of dreams. We could have a service where visual artists (always looking for work) do sketches of people as old and unsatisfied, filled with regret. Additionally, with a positive outlook as they are at the point of completion of their dream: in the best shape they could be, living on the beach, accepting an award, travelling the world...
A brief questionnaire would have the user upload photos/videos of himself, fill in their dreams, possibly their motivation behind it, link social media profiles so that the artist can personalize the art piece.
The service could have packages that go up in cost and complexity: From cartoonish caricatures to life-like portraits, possibly even to video renders.
A gold package could provide for a VR experience that can put you in your moment of dream achievement. For instance, receiving an Oscar.
The service could implement the photo or video to automatically play whenever the person unlocks its phone or start the computer.
An extreme version of the negative motivation would be to have actors (also always looking for work) take up the character of the service subject, him from the future, close or distant. Cast a similarly looking actor, mask him, add make-up, scruffy beard, fat-suit... Let the actor be a striking warning image for the dangers of inactivity with a little in-house play of sorts, monologuing about the regret of not taking the action towards the dream.
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Open dream pursuit platform

Darko Savic
Darko Savic Oct 10, 2021
An online platform where people can list their top 3 life goals and dreams. Others can help them surmount the obstacles. In return, the dream pursuer takes the public along for the journey and documents it with regular updates.
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Confidence fueling platform

Miloš Stanković
Miloš Stanković Nov 17, 2021
This might tackle the problem of the lack of self-confidence
It is self-confidence but for a lot of people, it's attached to how others perceive them, or the way you think you're being perceived. Some people fall into the negative spiral and don't have anyone to break them out of it. Possible solution: A peer to peer confidence building platform where people would place their best work examples, biography, CV, school successes, possibly photos, DIY projects, and the other members on the platform would complement what they find fitting. You can read your dose of confidence injection only if you've written your compliment for someone else.
It sounds silly, but many athletes swear on it, even when it’s generic pep talks.
Pre-made prompts would steer the compliments towards uniqueness in order to avoid the pitfalls of repetition. Also, one could limit the involvement on the platform in proportion to the amount of material about yourself you've put up.
So if you placed only your DIY project, you could be on it for five days for instance.
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Darko Savic
Darko Savic2 years ago
What's wrong with ordinary life?

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